Understanding White Paper Syndication

Understanding White Paper Syndication and Content Syndication as it pertains to your business and best practices is important. Like any web address, page or post, PDFs are also able to be indexed. This is the number one reason so many businesses are leveraging these downloadable assets.

White Paper Syndication refers to an asset created and published on a 3rd party site. This asset is summarizing a service, product or offer linking back to your site. When done correctly this is a great way to increase visibility and quality traffic to your website. Search engines show specific syndicated content first, which also increases your Company’s SEO ranking over time, building upon your Trust Flow score.

Start Utilizing White Paper Syndication

White paper syndication is an outstanding way for a business to build dominance over others. With a mix of statistics, logic and facts, content marketers rely on white paper as part of their B2B marketing strategies. These assets are a fantastic tool used in lead generation campaigns.

These downloadable assets are typically gated, meaning the individual requesting the asset must put in their name, email and other variable data, which generates a high quality lead.

Bython has the ability to create these assets for your business and place them with third-party publishers to generate top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel leads. We collect all the information needed to understand your business’s objective.

We invite you to contact us today so we can discuss your business model, target audience and even targeted geography to make sure we completely understand your overall initiatives. Bython will also make sure the workflow and leads are generated in a manner that is trackable and able to be put into your overall marketing tactics.

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