Many businesses look for outside sources to help with lead generation through various content platforms, digital services and purchasing leads.

Generating Sales Qualified Leads

The question is where to generate leads and more importantly where can you generate sales qualified leads.

Digital services that are typically outsourced give a company the ability to monitor success through traffic, bounce rates and conversions, to name a few. These metrics all determine the “success” of the spend and strategy.

In the B2B world purchasing leads lists can be downright scary and attempting to add them into an email marketing platform comes with other concerns, such as getting blacklisted or giving your company a bad reputation.

However an SQL has or should have some weight to it, strength, a higher propensity to show interest, to engage, to convert! Now, the question is how are 3rd parties vetting the leads you’re purchasing, what is it that makes them an SQL?

Sales Qualified Leads through Bython

Here at Bython we offer transparent leads directly to you over the course of your campaign. Here is how we generate SQLs and what it means for your marketing efforts.

Many businesses have some form of a pipeline that has aspects of weighted conversion naming conventions (ToFu, MoFu, BoFu), a measurement of the likelihood to become a customer. Bython also delivers SQLs that fit into all of these aspects of a business’s funnel.

We run aggressive Demand Generation campaigns for our clients. Content Syndication and Account Based Marketing practices all generate interest, engagement and direct requests for more information. The biggest takeaway with the leads generated is the fact that they truly are considered first party leads, basically meaning they are not part of a recycled list, where their information is being bought and sold throughout the year. They have a true interest in your vertical, services, solutions and / or products.

SQLs on Your Terms

As a customer of Bython Media, clients have their choice of purchasing a mixture of lead types from us or choose a singular action taken by a lead. We take content directly from our clients and can turn this content into data-generating interactive content, downloadable assets such as white papers, and case studies, then introduce these into marketing strategies on our platforms driving intent, engagement and real world requests for more information.

We understand that not every business has the budget for a business model that requires buying into large annual contracts and aggregated data gathering platforms. Our Sales Qualified Leads are generated for our clients as they see fit. The goal is to stimulate your pipeline with leads that truly have the ability and willingness to engage, the ability to convert!

We invite you to schedule a call with one of our professional consultants and learn more how Bython can drive SQLs into your pipeline

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