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If you have not found your path to mobile, you are lost.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Desktop sites generally do not translate well on mobile devices. The words become too small to read, they do not fit on the page, and often images and graphics become skewed. If a viewer cannot easily see or read your website, they will not stay on it, especially since there are so many other mobile sites for their needs. Make your website mobile responsive so you will decrease your bounce rate, have a greater chance at success, and have a higher engagement rate.

Research Your Target Audience

You have likely researched your target audience to develop your marketing strategy in the past. When you are creating a mobile marketing strategy, you need to research your target audience and B2B clients as if you know nothing about them. This is quite relevant as the mobile habits of your clients are going to differ from their desktop or laptop habits. Discovering mobile habits will assist in creating a relevant marketing strategy for each client.

Optimize for Local Mobile Search

When a user makes a mobile search, Google will show locally relevant options. As such, B2B mobile marketers need to ensure that their site is set to show up in local results. You want to be one of the first, if not the first, options to show in the results when your B2B clients make a mobile search.

Optimize User’s Mobile Experience

A positive mobile experience can make over 90% of your B2B clients become return customers. Optimize the user’s experience by making the content interactive and personalized to each of your B2B clients and their roles. Also, placing useful buttons such as “Click-to-Call” or “Chat Now” increases the likelihood of communication.

Integrate Your Mobile and Social Strategies

Approximately 42% of mobile users are also social media users. With such a high number, mobile marketing B2B strategies need to intertwine with social media strategies. If the two are flowing together, you stand a higher chance of engagement.

Optimize Your Website and Social Accounts for SEO

Just as a website needs search engine optimization, so do social media accounts and mobile sites. As you have previously completed research on your clients and target audience, you likely have an idea of what they search for. Keyword research can improve the SEO of all of your sites. Create engaging content and posts for each separate medium on which your audience might find you.

Mobile marketing strategies are a huge factor in the success of business these days. Due to the need for easy-to-access, fast, and simplified information, most B2B customers will overlook brands with a small or negative mobile presence. If it has not happened yet, marketing teams should develop and implement a mobile strategy immediately. Otherwise, your competitors who are utilizing mobile content will drown your business out.

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