Leaning on Thought Leaders

Let’s talk about what other thought leaders are talking about in business and where they suggest you focus.

The most common is truly the 80/20 Rule or known as the Pareto Principle, basically stating that 80% of your growth can come from 20% of your efforts. Seems a bit skewed, but you can read a summarized article on it at briantracy.com

Now Tim Ferris stated on his podcast to take 90% of your efforts and apply it to the top 10% revenue drivers ( your customers ) and this on its face seems to make a lot of sense.

And we especially like the quote from Steve Jobs,
“Focus and Simplicity…Once you get there, you can move mountains.

The takeaway is there are truths found within all three of these examples and you can find countless more from thought leaders in the business space. More times than not, they are suggesting or point blank telling you to focus.

Bython Media has the ability to help you focus, implement strategies around your business model, create processes that are designed to engage, and capture and convert…in short lets get focused. Our Recommendation is to let us help you focus on the top 20% of leads that you want to convert, true revenue drivers! Through our strategic ABM campaigns, we can truly make sure your brand is being seen and your messaging and offer gets in front of these accounts. If you don’t have a list yet, let’s talk about your business model, targeted verticals and we can compile a targeted list and campaign for you.

Most businesses have two revenue drivers, picking up new businesses is typically the number one driver and creating add-ons and additional revenue from their existing client base. Creating targeted campaigns around both groups have strategically different messaging, call-to-actions and even outcomes.

When you’re thinking about targeting existing clients with new products or services, you need to be extremely strategic and along with your messaging taking into consideration that they are current or past clients. This may be the perfect time to create a lasting partnership with us, let us help you create a strategic campaign that holds true to your brand, messaging and customer expectations.

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