Vertical Lead Generation can take on many forms in your digital lead generation playbook. Lead generation is the process of targeting customers who may be interested in your Company’s product or services. Introducing a strategic approach could be the answer you’re looking for, by targeting specific industries and sometimes niches within those industries.

Why Vertical Lead Generation Works

Think about the difference between vertical and horizontal. Horizontal shapes are long and broad, vertical shapes are thinner, more refined. This can help illustrate how vertical lead generation can narrow down or target specific audiences.

The power behind this useful technique is that vertical content that can be created across all platforms and practices. Vertical content utilizes relevant messaging for your businesses niche or target audience. Rather than casting a large and wide net, vertical marketing handles the more specific needs and goals for your business.

Bython’s Vertical Services

Bython offers a variety of services as it pertains to vertical marketing for businesses operating in the B2B space.

Our Demand Generation services help target qualified leads through email services, with messaging that speaks directly to the vertical in question. This allows businesses the opportunity to grow their pipeline and introduce new businesses into their funnel at all levels.

White Papers, Case Studies and Video are all options and services we offer through vertical Content Syndication. Creating these vertical assets and then gating them, where users must add their contact details to receive them, is a great strategy to target niche businesses.

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