Bython media specializes in interactive content syndication. Our company produces some of the highest conversions and lead generation techniques in the industry. We create high end interactive content assets and strategies to engage consumers in a meaningful manner.

Interactive content syndication Solutions

Interactive content syndication is primarily offering consumers the ability to digest information the best way they see fit.

All consumers are unique and tend to read, evaluate and make their decisions independently. Creating interactive content will allow them to navigate to material important to them, as they are reading the content in front of them. Giving consumers the ability to choose their path immediately improves customer experience and allows for a strong brand identity. This in turn supplies creative capabilities when looking over your offer, services or products.

Interactive content syndication Services

Our company has a multitude of media platforms, unique email strategy campaigns, and on page interactions we can create for you. This type of engagement can happen on custom landing pages utilizing content hubs, case studies and white papers. Each example gives the consumer the fluidity to move and navigate around as they see fit.

The end goal is like any other marketing effort, to create a customer, to create an action, to generate a lead. However, forcing a consumer to digest the information in front of them from top to bottom can lead to high bounce rates and a general lack of engagement. This will happen if they are not seeing or reading the solution in a very short amount of time that they are searching for.

If you are ready to get a quote or get started our company can help. We can assist you with the messaging, layout, design, graphics and embed the custom navigation options to create a dynamic interactive asset that is sure to improve engagement and conversions for your business’s pipeline.

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