Using Demand Generation
Getting Brand Focused

Using Demand Generation sounds like a complicated process or even an unknown strategy in today’s marketing practices. Running a company in any industry comes with many challenges from an internal and external point of focus. Many of our clients know exactly where their company excels and where their struggles exist. In today’s market we understand the challenges businesses may have. Keeping an eye on the internal infrastructure from labor, supplies, out-puts, price points and overall customer service is an overwhelming task alone. However, the need to stay relevant, focus on continued growth and new ways to introduce your products and / or services can be extremely challenging. In most scenarios companies throw money at PPC campaigns, local ad spots and place higher demands on their sales force for their core marketing strategies.

Using Demand Generation As A Focused Approach

Using Demand Generation As A Focused Approach
There are many underlying strategies and techniques that make up the totality of using demand generation. This is where having an experienced partner that can help you quickly outline and design the framework needed to launch, implement and track the results is crucial for any business that needs to increase their market shares within their industry, vertical or niche within these parameters.

The biggest takeaway for any business that is looking for a professional approach to their marketing strategies is understanding the:

  • The true market they are in (all encompassing vs. niche)
  • The need they are fulfilling
  • The ability to recognize who their competitors are
  • The creation of or use of tangible assets and how they create demand in the market
  • Can the overall data coming from campaigns have in-house tangible action plans or would a professional company be able to organize or rate the data and deliver actionable leads for the company that surpasses the in-house options and have a better ROI.

Demand generation means many different things to companies and even department heads. However, creating demand that is actionable is harder than basic marketing or branding. Let Bython help you formulate and articulate your message to be seen at the right time fill the funnel to increase sales!

Using Demand Generation | Actionable Planning

Bython utilizes several approaches for our clients when using demand generation services,including a BANT-focused approach and first-party database targeting. Obviously, the goal is to do better than your competitors and to see a return on investment for the service offered, but there is more to it than just a general marketing strategy. We are looking at a multi-layered approach that has sustainability, continued growth and has the ability for scalability.

Our process begins by looking at your current content and how it’s integrated with the market. Also taking inventory of current digital assets and how they are presented.

We will create a clear demand generation campaign for your business. In order to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness, we may need to create and design supporting assets including additional editorial content, videos, interactive content, and graphical design assets. A truly aligned, purpose-built path will help your business surpass your competitors and help you gain the market share that your company is after.

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