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What is Lead Strength

Let’s start off the article by defining “Lead Strength”. It truly is a number given to a lead based on past interaction(s) that deem the likelihood of a lead moving on to the next stage of your funnel and / or becoming a customer.

Lead Strengths and Weaknesses

Bython Media understands how chaotic it can be to analyze and make sense of digital reporting and try to take a meaningful call-to-action from that data. It doesn’t matter if you’re an agency offering a service or you are in the marketing department of your business, being tasked with collecting and reporting on those metrics can be stressful, trying to find strengths and weaknesses with a specific campaign, initiative or overall findings.

Sure, there are best practices out there when analyzing information coming in from GA, popular CRMs, email platforms and even SEO platforms. However, there aren’t a lot of options for businesses to measure lead strength and this is why we created an AI learning infrastructure, we have branded, “Byonic”!

We can take a step back and talk about what most marketing personnel have at their disposal and how most companies are analyzing this information and handling engagement, click-throughs and performance.

It really doesn’t matter the type of campaign we are talking about for the purposes of this article, but what is important is how we are gathering current data and what we are doing with it. So, lets just assume the standard view point is as follows:
Views > Engagement > CTR > Avg. Session Time or Bounce Rate > Conversions and compare to either spend or time spent on an Organic initiative.

Knowing the above information does give us insight and lets us make decisions on the campaign itself, message changes, graphic changes, rethinking the target, etc. However, what it does not do is give us “Lead Strength”. Campaign Dashboard
Our Byonic platform calculates lead strength based on your campaign goals and quantified through its AI learning capabilities. Sure, there may always be a need for a template based qualifying structure such as the BANT methodology which we do offer. But in today’s fast moving environment, our intent and accuracy score adds that additional level of assurance when delivering what our clients want, according to current campaign’s specifications.

We invite you to take a look at Byonic Lead Strength and showcase how we can leverage your assets within a campaign or we can even help you create strong ABM and Demand Campaigns.

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