Demand generation remains one of the most challenging activities for B2B marketing and sales across multiple industries. In fact, 51 percent of sales professionals find demand generation a difficult task.

As a B2B demand generation company for over a decade, Bython runs extensive global campaigns. The data from these campaigns offers insights as to why demand generation is so challenging. This information leads to the current and upcoming trends that marketing and sales should be aware of to increase effectiveness.

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Bython’s Quality Assurance Process Includes:

  • Ten automated check points and four manual check points
  • Continuous improvement of Byonic through team peer reviews
  • Continuity of execution delivering optimal output
  • Demand Generation program transparency using Byonic
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Demand Generation Involves:

  • Campaign data validation
  • Lead upload platform
  • Campaign assets validation
  • Email building process management and execution
  • Telemarketing process management and execution

Operational Tactics and Benefits
Focused on Quality and Transparency

Bython generates omnichannel demand using 61+ million global contact records. These records include 1st party Bython data and 3rd party data to complete contact records. Bython uses proprietary algorithms that have been tuned since our inception to produce campaigns. These algorithms allow us to learn about an account, study, and use those learnings to inform future campaigns.

All campaigns include components from Bython marketing channel tactics, Byonic technology, and Bython’s Connect360 operations.

Bython’s 1st and 3rd party data are contained in the cloud supported by AWS. Data is continuously enriched and includes an extensive repository of 2M + companies and 61M+ prospect contact records. Below is the definition of each type of data in the data lake.

      • 1st Party Data—Direct content engagement data with Bython, continuously updated and verified.
      • 3rd Party Data—Regularly collected and verified data to build complete contact records.
      • Intent Data—Maximize the ROI of your ABM list by unlocking insights from your prospective buyers and determining purchasing possibilities through data that comes from intent signals and surge alerts. Bython’s intent data includes 7600+ topics sourced from data points including social media, partner data, and open data sources such as company websites, news, and blogs.
      • Install Base Data—Run competitive campaigns with installed hardware or software. Choose from 5000+ options.

Further Bython allows for data segmentation plus smart models and data analytics. Included are:

      • Segmentation – Segment account data based on buyer behavior in real-time as well as keyed-in attributes so you can gain deeper insights into your focused audiences and targeted campaigns. Use many data attributes like firmographics, technographics, predictive, and demographic data to define key segments for account-based marketing.
      • Smart models and data analytics – Use Bython’s built-in models plus a powerful ABM list to engage with new or potential customers as well as manage buyer journeys and behavior in real-time. Measure and analyze the outcomes and results of your campaigns through intuitive reports and dashboards that you can check at any time.

Engaging email marketing graphics are one of the essential pillars of any email campaign. They are designed to create the readers’ attention, breathe life into your body text, represent your brand, and promote calls to action. And this is hard to get right. Bython provides this service for our customers including images, visual identity graphics, video, infographics, slides, banners, brochures, newsletters, reports, et cetera. We focus on best practices with our design and have over a decade of experience.

Bython has multilingual delivery centers in LATAM and Asia with supporting teams across the US, UK, and APAC assuring that demand generation is delivered on time and based upon customer specifications. These delivery centers include the functions of telemarketing, email marketing, quality assurance, data management, and campaign execution.

Bython’s proprietary Connect360 Quality Assurance automation tool has a preset verification process for ten of the lead data points. This ensures an in-depth quality assurance process, leaving no chance for error.

The ten automated checks are for key data such as email address, phone number, industry vertical, and company name, which are validated against search data. This helps streamline the campaigns’ data process, eliminating errors.

Connect360 automated Quality Assurance process undertakes the ten programmed checks and based on the results of these checks, the user sees a green or red signal for specific fields.

The list of the automated checks are detailed below.  Byonic will continuously improve this process and automate the remaining manual checks.

      • Campaign Specifications check is to verify that all data is matching campaign specifications.
      • Geo Validation check, where the address is validated against the API, and suggestions are given for any needed address corrections.
      • Briteverify API validates email addresses and checks the email status of the prospect.
      • Suppression Check detects if the prospect has been mentioned in any of the suppression lists.
      • Data Validation Check automation ensures that all the campaign data fields have been completed.
      • Audio recording validation check confirms the call recording of a prospect and checks whether the audio is corrupted.
      • Dupe check is to avoid prospect data being duplicated and being scored in the same campaign.
      • Segment Suppression makes sure that no contact receives and email or other outreach within three months.
      • Target Audience List validation matches the customer’s list of contacts to those appended to the campaign.
      • CPC validation ensures that the costs meet the customers’ requirements.

Current manual checks include email ID, work address, and listening to the Voice Logs (a conversation with the right party contact) to validate consent and update answers for custom questions.

The Byonic Platform provides the information that marketing and sales needs to create, implement, and manage demand generation campaigns. The four dashboards are: Account Overview, Campaign Overview, Campaign Asset Document, and Real-Time Reporting.

Delivery Automation seamlessly integrates with data delivery platforms (Integrate, Converter, FTP) plus with CRM’s and MAPs for optimal scalability and speed to market.