Approximately 97% of people say online reputation management is important to make your business successful. Do you want to know what online reputation management is? Or how ORM can boost new leads and customers?

What is online reputation management?

It is a multi-faced concept aimed at creating your business or brand’s positive public perception. It includes different aspects ranging from monitoring to customer feedback and more.

Why is online reputation management especially important today?

It can let you utilize all essential tactics and strategies to solve issues that can damage your business reputation in the best possible way. Most importantly, the process can let you monitor and manage your business reputation across different platforms, including the web, social media, discussion forums, and more.

People prefer to learn about your business or brand first. So, ORM has become more important today.

Benefits of managing online reputation

There are different ways it can benefit your business. However, some of these ways include:

  • People prefer buying from companies or brands that have positive feedback commonly. So, ORM can let you address negative feedback. Consequently, building credibility would become easier.
  • An effective and strategic online reputation management can also let you build your brand’s positive image.
  • You can also attract more customers and develop a loyal customer base with positive words spread across multiple platforms via online reputation management.
  • Even more, it can also let you improve your search engine rankings.

11 ways to boost your lead generation efforts through online reputation management

Here are the best ways to manage online reputation management for more effective benefits:

1. Audit current reputation

Knowing where your current reputation is standing is important to start your reputation management journey. So, audit your current online reputation and see what your overall score is.

2. Social media listings can give you advantage

Social listings are a process of getting your business mentioned on different platforms. There are various tools available to streamline this process more effectively.

Consequently, maintaining beneficial social listings to generate more leads would become easier.

3. Use helpful content to build brand authority.

Providing helpful content is the best way to attract more leads in any niche. Make sure to provide valuable content to your visitors to attract them easily.

4. Establish an effective ORM strategy

After the current reputation audit, you must know what your brand reputation currently is. So, it is time to establish an online reputation management strategy with your priorities straight. So, achieving desirable goals could become easier.

5. Listen to your customers.

Your customers are always important and their satisfaction, also. So, the key here to generate more leads with online reputation management is always to listen to your customers’ concerns. Ensure to resolve their problems and make them loyal to your brand easily.

6. Leverage the power of paid ads

Paid ads are effective sources to feature your business online. Influencer marketing, social media ads, and Google ads are common aspects of this activity. To maintain your online brand reputation, you must leverage the power of paid advertisement smartly.

7. Keep viewing linking websites.

Any website can link your business on the internet, even though backlinks can be beneficial to attract more traffic to your site. However, to avoid any destructive backlinks, you must view your linking websites regularly.

8. A crisis management strategy is essential.

Anticipating a crisis is hard. However, it never means you should be ready for that. So, for managing online reputation effectively, you should also have a strategic crisis management strategy in hand. So, it couldn’t damage your online brand reputation.

9. Keep viewing brand mentions.

It is essential to be proactive about conversations generating around your business. Ensure to review your brand mentions in real-time to increase timely reactions and establish an effective online presence. Consequently, generating more leads would become easier.

10. Encourage positive reviews

Positive online reviews can boost your sales with ease. It is because these can make it easier for customers to trust your services.

11. Solve negative feedback

Negative feedback can impact your business reputation directly and repels potential customers also. So, you must ensure to resolve your customers’ concerns to avoid negative feedback and generate more leads.

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