Martech Driven Technology Throughout Your Process and Workflow

Understanding the conversation around the term Martech can get convoluted quickly, it really is an all encompassing term when talking about bridging the gap between marketing efforts and the technologies that support them.

For an easy example: The marketing department decides that they want to start adding email campaigns to their marketing efforts. Great! Marketing is going to design the graphics, layout, messaging, font choices, call-to-action, etc.. However, we need some sort of “technology” to send out the emails, we need insights and reporting capabilities to be able to quantify our efforts. This scenario is simplified, but at its core this is Martech in a nutshell.

What MArtech Driven Technologies Are At Your Disposal

Before you begin planning any one marketing strategy, you have to look at what technology you are going to utilize. Businesses have many options and depending on your campaign or marketing effort, you most likely will be looking at one of the following technologies: CRM Software, Content Analytic Platforms, Email Marketing Software, Social Media Built-In Reporting Capabilities and Analytics tools such as Google Analytic.

Martech Technology Examples:

  • CRM Software – Hubspot
  • Content Analytics – SEMrush
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp
  • Social Media – All Social Platforms Have Built-In Reporting
  • Analytics – Google Analytics

Adding Martech Driven Strategies to Your Funnel

Now, with the basic understanding of what Martech means, the technologies that you may utilized, let’s add the last layer to a complete marketing effort. The purpose of a strategy is to gain exposure, to create demand and generate qualified leads.

Bython Media offers the last step in your technology needs, the ability to quantify and qualify leads throughout your marketing efforts. Marketing efforts are going to naturally create leads in the top, middle and bottom of your funnel depending on your messaging and attack plan. What you need to know is the strength of any given lead, what qualifies them to move from one part of the funnel to another. This technology is called Byonic, an AI platform built to report on your pipeline or any given campaign.

Adding Byonic to Your Martech Strategies

Bython Media’s professional services span just about all marketing efforts in the digital space when it comes to lead generation. We have the ability to help you with lead generation through Account Based Marketing, Content Syndication and Demand Generation. All of these efforts and campaign strategies are backed with Byonic.

We invite you to connect with us and look into the next level of Martech technology.

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