Bython’s suite of highly personalized demand generation capabilities boosts conversions, increases the sales pipeline, and drives positive ROI. Demand generation with Bython is easy. Choose one or all of our inclusive global marketing channel tactics, along with our certified operational process, and leading Byonic technology to deliver on your success metrics.

Bython helped Workday validate the data supporting Workday’s new approach to account prioritization.

Marketing Channel Tactics and Benefits

Strategize with our team on the best approach for omni-channel campaigns based upon your requirements.

Campaigns That Convert

An ABM strategy targets specific accounts with an on-going, synchronized set of marketing and sales activities through all stages of the buying journey. Account-based marketing helps sales accelerate deals with prospects who offer the highest potential, both in terms of likelihood of conversion and the value of the purchase they’ll make.

How does Bython help with account-based marketing campaigns? You provide the ABM list or Bython can create one using our Byonic Platform which segments contacts in real-time:

  • Demographics – ICP, job function, job level
  • Firmographics – Industry, company size, location, number of employees
  • Technographics – Hardware and software used by an organization
  • Psychographics – Cross-sell, up-sell, loyalty campaigns
  • Predictive – Identifying those accounts that look-like your current best customers

For best results, work with our strategists to create an omni-channel campaign.

B2B buying groups are a group of decision markers versus individuals.

In many cases, businesses already receive multiple leads from the same account, each of which is demonstrating interest in the same solution. However, marketing automation platforms don’t make the connection between those individuals. This lack of insight severely limits the performance of the entire demand generation process, including marketing, revenue development, sales, and the customer organization. Once you shift the focus from leads to opportunities with buying groups, often you will see a substantial improvement in performance.

The Byonic platform provides buyer group data so that marketing and sales can address the entire buying group. It’s easy, provide the job function and job level, or representative titles, and Byonic will include those individuals in your campaign process. Strategize with our team on the best approach based upon your requirements.

Form fills define a set of input fields used to gather contact data. Each form is made from a collection of fields, buttons, graphical elements, and a few configuration settings. The form submission provides valuable information for marketing to create contact records.

Bython creates custom form fills for each landing page for a campaign. Determine what fields you need. Landing page forms can also offer mailing-list subscriptions for opt-in. Bython provides all of the data for those prospects that complete the information. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to ask custom questions if needed that enable valuable insights for campaigns.

In B2B organizations, intent data is used to identify potential customers quickly and efficiently. With intent data, one can see who is in-market for your solution saving time and money, versus waiting for your nurture streams to produce prospects. Intent-based marketing campaigns generally perform better and deliver faster.

Bython’s 1st and 3rd party B2B intent data is housed in a single data lake. Choose from 7600+ topics that relate to your business. Bython’s first party intent data is gathered from direct content engagement with Bython’s website properties and is continuously updated and verified. Third-party data is regularly collected and verified and used to complete full contact records. This data is usually obtained from open data sources such as company websites, news, blogs, social media, and partner data.

Install base technology, working with Bython, provides deeper insight into how prospects use their technology. Boost customer retention and loyalty knowing what technology customers use. Further, the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) shows the technology gaps customers and prospects may be experiencing. Based upon ICP data, one can create awareness, cross-sell, up-sell, loyalty campaigns, plus prepare competitive targeting and conversion campaigns.

Working with Bython you not only have access to an installed base of technologies for your ICP, but the full contact record including firmographic, psychographic, and demographic data, as well as predictive data. Bython will do the hard work by creating your market segmentation and targeting.

Interactive content permits users to get involved with the content such as taking a poll, and choosing content that interests them the most. Marketing can personalize users’ experiences, and prompt them to respond and react while educating and entertaining on a subject. More engagement means more views, and that leads to more brand awareness and eventually to more customers.

Bython uses an interactive content platform and best practices to produce the content. Bython has created eBooks, Infographics, Assessments, Whitepapers, and Content Hubs for customers. See interactive content examples below.


Interactive Infographic

Bython created for Momentive an interactive eBook “2023 Ecommerce Report:
Top Challenges and Opportunities eBook.” It contained three questions for visitors to download the ebook.


Interactive Content Hub

Bython created an Interactive Content Hub for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 product line.  The Hub features conditional logic, personalization, and quiz questions.


Interactive Whitepaper

Bython created an Interactive Whitepaper for Zscaler that features animation, personalization, and assessment questions.



Softchoice, a Value-Added Reseller, had a need to generate leads for their Channel Marketing efforts. Bython assisted by crafting assessments to secure product demos and consultations.


Interactive eBook

IBM partnered with Bython to create an Interactive eBook for their Power 9 product. This eBook features personalization at an individual and organizational level, tabs, assessments, and quizzes.


Interactive eBook

An interactive eBook was created for ZoomInfo to assist in demand generation activities.

Multi-touch marketing campaigns reach the ICP to reinforce a consistent message in a variety of formats to drive branding and messaging. This approach increases the times people view your message. This is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness for your business and create sales acceleration throughout the pipeline. It also helps you create multi-touch attribution solutions for reporting and analysis.

Bython follows best practices for multi-touch email campaigns, generally and email and phone call.

Marketing surveys collect important information and feedback from and about customers, prospects, and the market landscape. These surveys allow marketing and sales to learn more about customer and prospect characteristics that assist in campaign development. Market surveys can ask questions about such things as:

  • Preferences
  • Expectations
  • Requirements
  • Experiences
  • Motivations

Bython can help marketing and sales better understand their ICP and their buying habits. Further, marketing surveys may also help you evaluate pricing strategies and analyze aspects of your competitors, identify qualifying questions such as BANT surveys, including disqualification questions. The answers to survey questions assists in developing more effective marketing strategies and campaigns.