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Not all leads generate sales opportunities. If your data-driven lead generation does not make any sense to your target market, what is the use of your products or service? A lead serving no purpose or meaning is just a collection of numbers and contact information that is not of any use.

If you want your database to generate better and higher numbers of leads, continue reading as we will discuss 10 ways through which you can have a better data-driven lead generation process.

10 Ways to Create a More Data-Driven Lead Generation Process

  1. Maintain a Fresh Compatible Database

    For an organization, their database is the most essential piece of information. But what is the use of such a database that does not generate any sales? This happens if your database is not organized.

    In order to achieve better data-driven lead generation, make sure you organize and update your database on a regular basis. Keep your data under proper headings and folders, remove any duplicates, and avoid any kind of inconsistencies.

  2. Reliability Of Data

    Customers look for reliability. Hence one part to focus on the most must be “making your data reliable.” Reliable data will automatically generate good leads.

    But how to generate good quality leads?

    Well, this can be done by first understanding your target audience and channels to collect the data from. This means tracking who visits your website and who are loyal customers that revisit your website.

  3. Researching customer profiling

    When wanting to achieve data-driven lead generation, make sure you value your customer data. A piece of better knowledge of your customer data will help you gain an outlook about your potential customer’s interests, goals, and preferences.

    The better the customer’s knowledge, the better will be your product’s lead.

  4. Viewing Prospects

    Most companies have detailed experiential information about their loyal customers. Good customer profiling can help you build better features that can help you attract more customers that are likely to turn into potential customers.

    Better research of customer profiling helps the companies to achieve different views using AI-based algorithms. This algorithm helps in scoring leads along with identifying what factors will contribute to turning a visitor into a customer.

  5. Segmentation Based on Data-Driven Strategies

    Since the AI algorithms will provide you a detailed view of your potential odds, you can use this data to identify behaviors that can help you in grouping prospects. This will help you in delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time.

  6. Lead Scoring Based on Data-Driven Strategies

    Now once you know the right message, time, and customers to interact with your brand, you can tell if the interaction further increased or decreased. These lead scores will help you market your message in a better manner. However, make sure there are no repetitions in your message especially with the higher lead scores.

  7. A better View of Aspects and Attribution

    Now that you know the correct audience and have a good lead score, learn where your prospects come from. This will help in channelizing your efforts and turn them into actual work. You can trace the channels through different data-driven applications by knowing what kind of content your audience likes better.

  8. Pre-Preparing Sales

    One very important step is to prepare all your data beforehand. This means having accurate data such as email marketing and customer satisfaction in a single place. However, generating leads can take a little time but do not miss on the existing ones. Prioritize the existing leads too.

  9. Possession By a Customer

    A good database can help you in identifying where you stand as a prospect. For instance, if you have an active visitor in the middle of your lead generation and it moved to the decision-making stage, there are high chances that your sales would convert him.

  10. Better Engagement

    Always examine your information. This will help you comprehend your potential and possibilities. Make sure you keep your customers in a loop through better engagement by proficiently answering their questions.

    This will surely help you gain better data-driven lead generation as a better engagement will help your customers settle on


Achieving better data-driven lead generation is not as hard as it is thought of. If you assemble information on the personas and intent of your potential clients and investigate their preferences and needs to cut your buyer persona, there sure will be a list of customers interested in your product.

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