The importance of lead nurturing strategies is very clear in eyes of marketers as they continually spend hundreds of dollars on inbound marketing. However, if the lead nurturing strategies are not effective, only a small percentage of leads turn to customers. Thereby, leaving 90% of your hard work in vain.

Effective lead nurturing strategies can have a huge effect on your inbound marketing strategy as you’d be surprised with increased customer retention, more sales, revenue, and less drama on social media.

The Best Lead Nurturing Tactics for Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Nurturing lead strategies have a direct and immense impact on the customers’ buying decisions. For example, personalization and follow-ups from sales reps might influence their next purchase.

You can implement the following lead nurturing tactics now and gain an advantage over the current competition in the market:

  1. Take advantage of content for the targeted audienceLead nurturing strategies are not one-size-fits-all because every customer needs different content to influence his or her purchasing decision. Therefore, targeted content can significantly improve sales.One way to incorporate targeted content is to create buyer personas based on their buying habits, interests, likes, social interactions, buying histories, marketing triggers, etc.While creating buyer personas, a marketing automation platform might make your work easier by targeting, identifying, and segmenting personas to scale your marketing strategy.
  2. Use techniques that are multi-channelJust 5 years ago, lead nurturing strategies involved sending generic emails to a list of potential customers, leads, and prospects. However, the techniques of today go beyond email drip campaigns. With the help of automation platforms and social media networks, marketers are building a multi-channel lead nurturing strategies.Effective multi-channel lead nurturing strategies touch paid retargeting, email marketing, social media marketing, direct sales outreach, and targeted website content. However, you need to ensure that your content is targeted and your marketing efforts are focused on the right people.
  3. Use multiple marketing touchesOn average, most prospects receive ten or more marketing touches to create brand awareness. Before presenting your products to them, you have to create awareness and credibility of your brand. The most successful lead nurturing tactic is the one that helps your customer throughout the buyer’s journey.You must know to address the questions and concerns of your customers. Apart from email marketing, targeted website content, and direct sales outreach, you have to introduce blog posts, whitepapers, newsletters, and even interactive calculators to turn leads into potential customers.
  4. Timely follow-upsMarketers are very much aware of the evident benefits of quick follow-ups by the customers. However, organizations are still taking it slow. Yes, automation can save a lot of your time by targeting a large group of audience but a phone call or a follow-up email is one of the best ways to gain a loyal customer and increase sales opportunities.Lead conversion chances are high when the prospect is connected immediately after visiting your website. It is more effective as compared to cold calling.
  5. Send custom emailsA research study found that 41% of the customers changed businesses because they lacked in sending a personalized email. Personalized emails play a big role in scoring customers because they are considered important after certain actions by a customer like; downloading content, visiting your website pages, and opening links from the main email.
  6. Come up with unique lead-scoring techniquesLead scoring is an effective yet unique methodology to scale and rank leads and prospects who have given value to the organization or the brand.Even though lead scoring can be done with any automation marketing platform, it should be planned strategically by the marketers. For instance, marketers can assign values to conversion events, certain website actions, and social media interactions.After that, the top leads are given a follow-up call by the sales representatives.
  7. Align your marketing and sales techniquesLead nurturing is a sure shot if the marketing and sales techniques are aligned as both of them increase customer retention significantly. You can consider different marketing triggers like conversion events, workflow, and lead scoring to create new sales opportunities.


Lead nurturing strategies are bound to be effective in boosting customer retention and sales. But before implementing lead nurturing in your sales and marketing efforts, it is important to spot your target audience.

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