Just as the name suggests, lead magnets are ways to bring potential customers into your business. You cannot expect your readers or visitors to subscribe to an email list unless they are promised something valuable in return. The valuable incentives you offer in return are the lead magnets that will help to convert your visitors or readers into customers.

What’s Common in High Converting Lead Magnets?

For lead magnets to work, there is a lot of work that goes around. Here are must-have components that you should always consider:

  1. Make sure your lead magnets are business-oriented and cater to business needs.
  2. Do not spend too much time overdoing the lead magnets. Make sure they are concise.
  3. Another essential thing to consider is that your lead magnets focus on a specific problem or a bunch of problems and are actionable.
  4. Lead magnets must be specific, do not mix a lot of things to create confusion.
  5. Another most important factor to consider when making lead magnets is that they should be easy to follow. You don’t want your co-employees or your customers to be wondering what they are in for.

To get more subscribers for email lists, it is essential to consider that your lead magnets must be structured around the focus and needs of your target audience. How you create them depends on different factors such as your customer needs, the demographics, the pain points, and most importantly, what kind of industry you operate in.

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Creating the most effective lead magnets for your business

Did you know that at times, email newsletters can be irresistible themselves that they convert into lead magnets? When opting for these newsletters, know that you will be required to indicate what kind of content you will provide in the newsletter before publishing it. An online newsletter is published on your blog page that attracts readers willing and interested in reading your content. </strong

Live or pre-recorded videos are known as webinars. Such webinars in terms of lead magnets aim to deliver unique insights about your business to your potential customers. What keeps most customers engaged with webinars is their flexibility; if you conduct a live webinar, most customers will be worried about missing out on it and would want to attend it in good time. You can host your webinar either on your social media platforms or your website’s Home Page. 

Pricing Details
Customers appreciate when they are told details. Hence, offering your price details to your customer can significantly impact your leads. Since many businesses do not provide the prices upfront, this makes them miss out on a great sum of their potential market. To convert your email visitors into customers, provide them with pricing details so they know what they are in for or whether they can afford your offerings or not. You can display pricing details on your Home Page.

Free Consultations
You do not want your website visitors to stay uninformed or unsure about your brand offerings. Keeping them confused can make them uninterested, likewise jeopardizing your sales since they won’t make any purchase. This can be taken care of by offering your visitors a chance to reach out to you and to connect with you through live chat, messages, or calls. This helps create a better understanding of your brand. You can offer free consultations on your pricing page. 

Discount Code
Everyone loves discounts. Direct offerings like discounts or coupons can really help you grow your email list. Nobody refuses free stuff; a great way to start is through discounts. Give your visitors a direct offer through discounts or vouchers; this will surely help them want to subscribe to your email list. You can display these direct offers either on the product display page or the checkout page.

If you want to grow your email list, creating lead magnets is the way to get started. With the methods mentioned above of developing lead magnets, your business can significantly benefit in terms of attracting a higher potential market and converting visitors into customers. If you want to create such lead magnets, contact Bython.com and book a meeting. Our experts can help you grow your business’s email list.

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