16 Effective Lead Generation Ideas for B2B Marketers

Lead generation is tougher than cold calling; be it online or in person. Traditional lead generation ideas are now lacking to bring sales due to external and internal circumstances.

Best lead generation ideas for B2B marketers

However, all is not lost as you can boost your marketing strategy with the following lead generation ideas:

  1. Note success secrets of thought leaders in the marketing industry

    Want to provide value to your targeted content? Collaborate with a thought leader in the industry. You can have a one-on-one conversation with a marketing industry expert to uncover their secrets of success. Most companies bring successful leaders from the industry and share their pieces of advice on blog posts.

  2. Create problem-solving videos for prospects

    Problem-solving videos for prospects should be both, informative and entertaining. The videos can get you a lot of customers if the information in them is digestible.  For instance, a video hosting platform Wistia gives a series of tutorials on how to make your own videos using the iPhone or Android phone.

    If they are learning something from your videos, they are likely to watch them again. However, keeping fresh content throughout the series of videos is as important as upgrading your website with new content every now and then.

  3. Take customer reviews to your advantage

    Review platforms give you a great opportunity to expand your brand as it has a strong organic reach. Only the right people notice you and the chances to turn leads into potential customers become exceptionally high.

    Third-party search engines like Google and Bing have strong SEO. Therefore, you have a good chance of being noticed by potential customers. By adding customer reviews to your website, you don’t only streamline customer’s buyer journey but also make a good presence on the internet.

  4. Build an interactive tool on your website

    The best way to obtain information from your customers is to incorporate an interactive tool or quiz on your website. The strategy is to bargain the results of the quiz or the game with the customer’s contact information.

  5. Provide gated content

    When you offer gates content in the form of an e-book or blog post, the customers find them exciting as they are eager to know what others are doing to get success. Therefore, compiling your best practices is one of the best ways to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

  6. Show the working tactics of your company

    Prospects are very much interested in the success and failure of the company. Therefore, it is best to show your stage of growth throughout the years. You can gain a lot of likes, comments, and appreciation shares. Moreover, people would even point out obvious mistakes that you could avoid in the future.

  7. Create spreadsheets to gain contact information

    Although compiling a spreadsheet is quite time-consuming, customers are happy to do it for you. You can provide the results of a game or tool in return for the information.

  8. Offer answers to common queries

    It is best to create in-depth articles to create awareness among customers rather than posting shallow answers. The best and in-depth answers increase sales opportunities and encourage potential customers to interact.

  9. Create a simplifying worksheet

    Every business has tasks and you can give people a worksheet to measure their marketing impact in return for their contact information.

  10. Create a list of useful tools

    Prioritize helping your customers over self-promotion. You could create a useful list of resources and tools that might help your customers in one way or another. However, don’t forget to add your product or service to the list.

  11. Give real-life success examples

    Real-life examples move people and encourage customers to trust the brand. Real-life stories do not only validate your content but provide value and make it evergreen.

  12. Follow an email course

    An email course can be used to repurpose your blog posts and turn them into small yet digestible pieces by the audience. It offers value and information to the people while generating new leads in the backend.

  13. Host online giveaways

    Although an online giveaway gives a lot of junk leads, you can score loyal customers if do it logically.

  14. Rely on templates for everyday tasks

    Templates allow you to work in chronological order. You can schedule properly when uploading content, curating content, attending meetings, and interacting with customers on social media platforms.

  15. Offer a free trial period for your service

    Free trials allow the customers to get halfway through the buyer’s journey. They are more likely to buy the product or service after trying it out.

  16. Offer to-do checklists

    If you are planning on a seminar or a social event, why not follow a comprehensive yet planned checklist. A lot goes on during the preparation phase. Therefore, you need to follow a series of critical steps to ensure that you host a successful event.


Regardless of the lead generation ideas, you choose to implement, make sure that your content gives value to the audience.

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