Lead automation creation is the backbone of an aggressive demand generation campaign. Being able to generate leads and properly qualify them within your pipeline is essential.  Operating in an automation environment allows this process to run more efficiently and is more conducive to becoming a scalable solution for your business.

A wide variety of channels exist to generate leads digitally. Here we are going to cover the process of handling the leads through automation creation.

Lead automation creation for top of funnel consideration

Starting with your top of funnel leads, the leads coming to your website and / or landing page, custom form interaction is key to grabbing your customers attention. If done correctly, your request for information does not appear to be a commitment, rather a way they’re going to be able to obtain additional information, resources and answers.

Long forms for new users to your website can seem very daunting and generally the “Juice is not worth the squeeze”, even if you’re utilizing a standard form, creating a survey, poll or access to Gated Content. Make sure that the perception is quick and easy.

Lead Automation Creation Through CRMs.

The next step is choosing a CRM platform that can handle your needs. For some businesses a platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact may suffice. However, most business to business (B2B) companies need a robust system that is going to be able to not only send out confirmation emails, but allow the lead to enter into a workflow system that is both dated and task based.

Companies such as HubSpot and Salesforce are good options. Some businesses can even make platforms like Zoho work for them without too much effort.

The key is having continued engagement until the user has either completely dropped off, or they have followed a certain set of events, including if this then that type of actions.

There are conversations to be had around display advertising and retargeting efforts as it pertains to continued engagement, but these campaigns are outside of your control within a workflow automation sequence.

Lead Automation Creation in Nurture Series Campaigns.

Using the HubSpot platform as an example: Once a lead comes into the CRM, a notification can be generated to a specific appointed person or to an entire team.

If the lead turns unresponsive, this is where an automated Nurture Series can kick in after a set date or predefined triggers.

This type of forward thinking will allow your sales reps to continue using the pipeline already engaged. The Nurture Series then handles the engagement of your unresponsive leads, until an action occurs. At this time the leads will look at any additional assets or they will unsubscribe. This allows your pipeline to remain clean and can help you run a more efficient lead and complete funnel strategy.

Whether you are looking for a complete demand generation strategy, looking for parts, or a full funnel strategy when it comes to feeding into your automated pipeline, Bython can answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to reach out and we would happily discuss helping you generate leads and give advice on running your pipeline efficiently.

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