Account-based marketing, also known as ABM, is an effective yet efficient way to seek out high-value leads and close sales. A B2B marketer can align his sales and marketing strategies to break into the industry. However, there’s one thing that needs all the attention from the marketing team- the content.

Boosting perspective leads with interactive content


The B2B marketers from around the world are shuffling their budgets to focus more on account-based marketing. As of now, 28% of the budgets were allocated to support account-based marketing.

When considering ABM programs, marketers often jump to the execution part instead of planning, identifying, and targeting the target accounts. Therefore, they fail to understand the critical needs of the clientele. The whole process of connecting with the customers with their accounts goes into vain.

Account-based marketing is not different from traditional/offline marketing. However, the process is quite different. It is crucial to add the essence of quality content in your ABM strategy that empowers buyers.

The content you create for ABM strategy connects all aspects of your marketing plan while telling a compelling story about your brand.

The account-based marketing offers personalized yet efficient solutions to users in order to get maximum returns. The content used in the ABM strategy tailors the customer experience and boosts perspective leads.

Here are 6 proven yet effective ways to improve your overall ABM programs strategy and make the right use of extra budget allocation:

  • Collect all the right data

    Do you have enough data about your target accounts? Have you planned out the data collection process in your ABM strategy?

    These questions might seem simple to answer but gathering data on the account level is quite difficult for marketers.

    Most marketers and sales teams use organic form-filling methods or a data appending application to gather useful information. In short, they use progressive profiling to complete the account’s profile. However, these methods are error-prone and can take forever to complete.

    Interactive content makes it easier to collect the right data. The users engage easily with the interactive content and convert twice fold as compared to any other strategy. Hence, you get more chances to capture the data.

    Moreover, interactive content is often question-based, like assignments, surveys, calculators, quizzes, etc. You are not only increasing the number of prospects but also encouraging them to answer all the questions on your list.

    To increase engagement, you can always qualify fun questions in the assignment or the quiz.

    This strategy goes way beyond data appending. The answers you get from surveys come to you by using the interactive experience. A real prospect helps you to complete the profile of your account.

  • Personalized solutions

    Even if you have the best data collection team and all the information in the world, there’s no guarantee that your ABM strategy will succeed. Unless you have content to back your marketing strategy.

    The marketing actions can advance the user account through the sales funnel process and provide the right message to the right person. The personalized content at the right time can convince the user to purchase from you.

    The best practice of an account-based marketing strategy involves developing account-specific content for your potential customers. Account-specific content will speak directly for the pains, interests, and needs of the potential customer. However, some marketers find developing account-specific content an impossible task.

    There’s no need to create a video or an infographic for each account on your list. Personalize a single marketing asset to convince the owner of the account. Use interactivity, creativity, or whatever sails your ship.

    Content is the best way to boost sales on this scale and here’s why:

    • Customization tools are available for real-time personalization
    • You can customize and clone the existing content for multiple accounts
  • Interactive infographics

    Statistics and numbers put customers off and always drag them away from your brand. You should provide a way that they could you to quantify complex data in a relevant yet understandable form.

    This is where interactive content like charts and infographics comes into play. You can always add interactive yet easy-to-understand charts on your website to engage potential customers. They help your potential customers to visualize complex numeric data, effortlessly. However, they keep all the aspects of your marketing engaging and fun.

    One example of a successful infographic is Geek’s Guide to London. The company has an animated infographic that recommends all the best places for the geeks in London to discover and visit. The brand entices potential customers with the geek tips and the intuitive design of the animated infographic.

    Similarly, a calculator is another marketing tool that the customers love. Adding a calculator on your website gets you all the answers from the consumers as quickly as possible. The customers prefer to use the calculator for their buying decision. Instead of lots of content, a calculator is a better way to engage your customers.

  • Customer education

    Educating your potential customers is a great way to convert them into loyal customers. Account-based marketing focuses on providing a seamless experience to your key accounts. You can use the calculators, quizzes, and assignments to provide them with useful information or educate the users about your product.

    You can educate or guide them about their needs and interests while providing them valuable information. Moreover, you can add a little something about your products or services too. No one will propel over boredom with interactive content in the PDF.

    Let’s suppose you sell SUVs. Now, you want to educate the customers at your store about the viable benefits of buying SUVs. What should you do?

    You can create a calculator for, ‘how much do you save by buying an SUV? You can list the features, the benefits, the cost, the petrol consumption, the accessories and much more. The pre-fixed formula in the calculator gives an interactive answer to the user.

  • Improve brand image

    One great advantage of using interactive content is that you can use it for any stage of the sales funnel and improve your brand image dramatically. It stays as an evergreen guide throughout the sales cycle.

    All you have to do is customize the content according to the stage your customers are at – Buying Decision, consideration, awareness, etc.

    Proving the key accounts with useful content allows them to interact with you. Moreover, you would be known as a brand that educates its customers.

    Using chatbots and surveys to get constructive feedback is a great way to convert leads into loyal customers. It creates a sense of fraternity. Moreover, you get the customer’s pain points to make the personalization solutions better.

  • Make a scalable and viable ABM strategy

    Although the account-based marketing approach is successful and attractive for marketers, it can be daunting. The aim is to find the solution and personalize it into something that key accounts want.

    Performing the right actions and collecting the right data might help to create quality interactive content for your account-based marketing strategy.


ABM programs that make interactive content the core of your account-based marketing strategy simplifies a lot of hurdles in gaining prospects and leads. Target the key accounts by gathering the right data and displaying the right information.

With interactive content, you can develop scalable and value-driven ABM programs and campaigns. Let Bython show you how.

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