Imagine producing major B2B marketing campaigns — from concept to launch —in as little as two weeks. Not only that, but you could also dramatically increase the efficiency and results of those campaigns. That is the advantage and value of Agile marketing.

The concept dates back to 2001 when a group of software developers, frustrated with the burdensome processes they were forced to follow, developed a much more streamlined method they dubbed “Agile.” The framework for the method, Scrum (from the rugby term of players interlocking arms), was designed to enable small teams of three to nine to complete tasks, called “sprints,” within a two-week to one-month period.

Flash forward to 2012. A handful of innovative marketing professionals found themselves in a similar predicament as their software predecessors. They wanted to determine how they could increase efficiencies and campaign output for modern marketing.

During their meeting, known as Sprint Zero, they realized that adapting the Agile processes of the software industry was the key. That lead to the creation of what is now considered the definitive guidelines for Agile marketing.

The Power of Agile Marketing

The goal of all B2B marketing solutions is to help increase their companies’ opportunities, sales, and brand awareness. Achieving these goals takes expertise, skills, and creativity. But it also requires establishing and adhering to creative and operational practices that streamline, automate, and improve processes.

Yet even with those proven processes, it still takes most major marketing departments as much as eight months to launch major campaigns. One of the reasons is the operational disconnect between marketing and other departments.

Through the Scrum framework, the Agile method helps marketers condense that timeline dramatically by increasing speed, flexibility, transparency, and adaptability. Agile works with all types of marketing, but it is especially suited for B2B and digital marketing.

The Definition of Cross-Functional Teamwork

The systematic Agile method is simple, but it takes a considerable amount of time to implement and master. It also takes a massive commitment and passion. Not only for the marketing department, but the entire company.

In order for marketing groups to function at the level and speed required, it is imperative they have the full cooperation of other departments. Agile marketing is the true definition of cross-functional teamwork. It will not succeed with a business-as-usual corporate bureaucratic mindset or cumbersome red tape and restrictive regulations.

Sales, executive management, IT, legal, finance. It is vital that any department marketing needs to function must be onboard and ready to move at a moment’s notice to lend support and resources.

Fully committed teamwork applies to outside marketing partners, as well. Martech suppliers and agencies need to be aligned with your company’s processes, goals, and persistence.

The Results Are Worth the Efforts

Implementing and mastering the Agile marketing method is a monumental undertaking. But, according to companies that have aggressively adhered to it the past few years, it is definitely worth it.

Surveys by Forbes and software company Aprimo revealed that 27% of marketing leaders said Agile produces marketing campaigns much faster, and 23% of senior marketers stated it delivers higher marketing metrics and KPIs.

A VersionOne report revealed 98% of organizations felt Agile has helped them achieve success. And 93% of CMOs who employ Agile practices said their speed to market has improved, per a study by Forbes and CMG Partners.

Time To Increase Your Agility — And We Can Help

If your marketing team and company aren’t following the Agile methodology, now may be the time to look into it. It can help you save time and efforts, as well as increase marketing effectiveness and give you a competitive advantage.

Bython is here to offer our solutions as your marketing partner. So contact us today. Let’s talk about how we can help you as part of your leaner, meaner Agile enterprise.

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