Considering the Job, While selling a product or service, sometimes we get lost in the “industry speak” when companies really need to focus on the “YES” response from the lead. Creating assets, messaging, graphics, and videos that acknowledge a solution to a pain point, should be the goal. It can really be that simple, buyers have a job to do and they are looking for a solution to their “Job”!

Considering The Job, What’s The Solution

The team over at HubSpot might have hit the nail on the head when talking about the “Job” as it pertains to your marketing strategy and how it correlates to your pipeline.

This idea or methodology is pretty straightforward. The person that is choosing your business, regardless if it is a product or service has a job to do. Once you can recognize the job they need to accomplish, then you can start testing and revising your playbook. Everything in your playbook as it pertains to your messaging, asset creation and how you deliver this information to your targeted audience can be looked at through this lens.

We have found that all too often, companies have great content marketing strategists and copywriters that are supported by brilliant graphic design teams. However, the question is are they considering the “Job”?

Pipeline Processes, Considering The Job

Looking at a simple product like a shovel… If your business is selling shovels, consider the person purchasing. They have a job to do and need to consider a product to accomplish their “Job”. From the most simple thought processes the shovel needs to be able to shovel, dig, hold or cut through a certain type of surface or material, it also could be a one time easy job…. Price may be the deciding factor.

You can create assets that cover all of the above considerations or you can introduce Interactive assets that create unique consumer experiences, giving them choices to guide them down a path to a solution that will enable them to complete their job.

Bython Media specializes in creating engaging workflows for our clients that allow users to have options, giving the ability to access and digest information the way they see fit. We work directly with businesses and agencies across the United States, Canada as well as LATAM, APAC and EMEA regions to create these unique marketing interactions to help provide solutions to the Jobs they are solving.

We have a few examples of this Interactive Content that we have created for some very recognizable logos around the world. We invite you to take a look at these assets and then reach out to us and start a conversation around helping your business solve jobs.

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