If you thought this article was going to be about Account Based Marketing (ABM), Ha…you would be correct.

Now that we have that out of the way, if you’re struggling to get your message and brand out in the B2B market, we understand your stresses! Lets face it, the B2B landscape is difficult, competitive and challenging to get your USP in front of those that you hope to attract.

For this very reason, ABM strategies were brought to life.

B2B Business Getting Noticed

Getting noticed in a sea of B2B businesses is the challenge, but before you jump in to the ABM way of thinking, here are some basics that you need to make sure you have buttoned up first.

Is your Unique Selling Position (USP) Clear, Concise, and offers a solution?
Is your messaging measurable? Basically suggesting that you stick to 2 or 3 points across all of your platforms. It is impossible to measure messaging, if every post, publication and campaign are not aligned.
Make sure your graphics department is always involved. Delivering the same fonts, colors and images that meet your brand identity.
Once you can confirm that your assets and communications are truly measurable and meet your brand standards, ABM is a great strategy to implement for any and all B2B business models.

B2B Businesses in Account Based Marketing

Bython Media offers ABM services for some of the most well known companies across the Globe and United States as well as for hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. Maybe a shameless plug, but the reality is ABM services are typically outsourced because of the data needed, the campaign set up, known best practices and marketing teams limited bandwidth. We highly recommend you look at outsourcing as a viable option, before going it alone.

Finally, now we are getting to the point of the article!
We recognize all B2B businesses are different, so lets cover the well known ABM strategies and thought process.

1. Success in one vertical will never equate to success in a different vertical if your strategy doesn’t change.
A. This may come across as obvious, but if you truly have success with a campaign geared at a specific industry, that is awesome, but your images, messaging and tactics may need to change for the next targeted vertical, Just remember, every industry comes with an inherent set of values, principles and standards that don’t always pass over from one vertical to another.

2. Targeting Job Titles Strategies and Where to Start
A. Here is a quick win and place to start. Take a look at your demographics coming from Google Analytics. Who is currently looking at your website and make sure to take a close look at the age of your viewership. Does the age reflect C Level job titles or perhaps those that are doing research for the company?

3. Regional targeting.. Is your messaging going to resonate?
A. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the United States and the major differences in the culture between New York and California residents or on a global scale the extremely different cultures between China and India, even though they are neighbors. The point is this must be taken into consideration before you kick off your ABM campaign.

4. Make Sure You Already Know What Reporting Metrics You’re Collecting Before Launching Your Campaign.
A. This does go back to the fact this strategy and service is typically outsourced and Bython’s AI technology is at the forefront of ABM reporting. Take a look at our technology and reporting capabilities.
If you are attempting this in-house that is great, make sure you know what information you are gathering, why you are gathering it and the actions that will be taken.

Seriously, if you are just getting started with ABM strategies or have never seen success within an ABM campaign, please schedule a call and let’s have a no pressure conversation about your concerns and goals.

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