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Marketing solutions bring genAI into the fold

Marketing solutions bring genAI into the fold

With enterprise spending on generative AI expected to reach more than $150bn by 2027, according to eMarketer, it’s no surprise that marketing tools and solutions companies are working hard to incorporate the technology into their offering. In recent weeks, Salesforce has launched the beta version of Einstein Copilot for Tableau, an AI tool designed to make advanced data analysis and visualization features more accessible to a broader set of users. In addition, Twilio made two advances to Twilio Flex, its cloud-based digital engagement solution, while Adobe announced AI product enhancements, including its new GenStudio, an AI-powered ad creation platform that promises brand safety. Uniphore, meanwhile, integrated genAI to improve its U-Analyze analytics tool, which now offers users insights into customer conversations across text, voice and video. And Kognitiv has added Kognitiv Amplify to its offering, which is an AI-native software designed to improve both customer acquisition and engagement.

Best source: The Verge

Looking for AI success? Optimize your customer data

AI is fast proliferating marketing tools and solutions. Indeed, customer relationship platforms are integrating AI capabilities, enabling autonomous chats, campaign launches, product suggestions, sentiment analysis and more. Considering the critical role data plays in a robust demand generation strategy, smart marketers will prepare for the ‘new normal’ by cleaning their databases and ensuring they are AI-ready. This involves assigning a database administrator, streamlining essential data fields, setting alerts for data updates and engaging sales and customer service representatives in maintaining data. Ultimately, investing in data quality is crucial for unlocking the full potential of AI tools.

Best source: MarTech

Partnerships with micro-influencers could boost demand gen initiatives

Brands are changing the way they approach influencer marketing. Whereas marketers sought partnerships with influencers based on the number of followers on an account, they are now increasingly on the prowl for smaller, niche influencers who are more cost effective and can help target specific, engaged audiences and communities. From a demand gen perspective, it’s important to consider the major selling points of working with these types of content creators, known as micro-influencers, who have from 10,000 to 100,000 followers: They target more relevant audiences, are cheaper to work with and are highly effective at garnering trust with their followers, boasting strong engagement rates from and conversations with their audience. All these metrics are useful for demand gen campaigns.

Best source: The Drum

Folloze introduces toolkit for personalized website visits

Folloze has released a solution aimed at transforming website visits into personalized experiences. The company says its new toolkit gives marketers the capability to personalize website encounters to drive meaningful engagement, effectively accelerating buyers through their digital journey and improving demand generation performance through persistent personalization. According to Folloze, the Website Engager also generates rich first-party engagement data. Additionally, the suite incorporates Folloze GeneratorAI, designed to produce customized content and messaging to boost customer engagement and progression.

Best source: MarTech Cubs

Enhancing customer experience through analytics tools

Customer experience analytics tools are pivotal for grasping the shifting expectations of customers, refining services and gaining a competitive edge. These tools compile data from multiple touchpoints, offering insights into customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Through the analysis of customer experience data, brands can improve decision-making, bolster customer retention, tailor experiences, increase employee productivity, surpass competitors and provide proactive service. The adoption of these tools is vital to excel in a competitive market. This guide from CX Today offers a review of the best customer experience analytics tools currently on the market.

Best source: CX Today

The significance of website health in successful demand generation

The significance of website health in successful demand generation

A healthy website serves as a prime storefront, giving visitors a seamless and positive experience which can be essential for demand generation. Its speed, uptime, mobile compatibility, security, content quality and SEO optimization are pivotal for the user experience and brand visibility as well as credibility. By prioritizing the health of a website, businesses can effectively attract, engage and convert leads into customers.

Best source: MarTech Series

Intentsify introduces Intentsify Orbit to upgrade intent-driven marketers

Intentsify introduces Intentsify Orbit to upgrade intent-driven marketers

Intentsify, a provider of B2B intent data, has launched Intentsify Orbit, a detailed B2B identity graph designed to enhance data accuracy for intent-driven digital marketing. Orbit consolidates data sources into one identity graph to offer better identity verification, with enhanced intent signal coverage at the contact/device level to give users a clearer view of buying group activities, research patterns and readiness to buy. With this latest addition to to its marketing solution suite, Intentsify is driving to capture more customers as companies allocate overall demand generation budget to buyer intent data.

Best source: Destination CRM

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