To succeed in a competitive market like this, you have to be ahead of the market apart from having a strong opinion and intuition. If you want your business to flourish, you have to go where the ever-changing business dynamics are taking you.

What are the best free sales tools of 2021?

Increasing sales opportunities in a competitive market are not easy. You have to be quick, efficient, and accurate. Moreover, you have to receive, send and interpret data in a proficient way to grow your business.

That’s why; we have come with a list of free sales tools that you can use to carry out a variety of functions and tasks.

Let’s go over them in different categories:

1. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Customer relationship management systems increase sales and customer retention significantly. Marketers who don’t rely on CRMs agree to be left behind in the market and losing sales every second. Let’s go over the top free sales tools in the following category:

2. HubSpot

You require big data and customer information to boost your business. HubSpot is one of the few free sales tools to do a variety of tasks. HubSpot is a customer relationship management system that allows us to access a variety of functions free of cost. However, you have to purchase the premium version if you want to access different yet VIP CRM services.


NGDESK is another reliable yet free sales tool that is completely cloud-based. However, it comes with a few disadvantages, like the inability to access all social media networks and to integrate with the payroll. Other than that, it is reliable CRM software that allows you to carry out functions free of cost.

4. Bitrix

Bitrix is a special and unique customer relationship management system as compared to HubSpot and NGDESK. A total of 12 people can access this software and use up to 12 GB of space.

Moreover, you could connect with third-party platforms and use a variety of social media functions. If you feel like some functions are missing from this software, don’t forget to add a review on the official website of Bitrix.

Free sales analytics software

Want to gather all the sales analytics and insights? Try out the following free sales tools:

5. Qlikview

Qlikview is a reliable sales analytics tool that is perfect for nurturing customer relationships by gathering data insights. It has various functions to form quick connections between various sets of data.

6. Pentaho

Pentaho is one of the best free sales tools out there because it used to conduct in-depth summary reports and surveys by thousands of marketers. You can use Pentaho to evaluate your responses as well as emails on a daily basis.

Moreover, you can interpret sales data and make logical decisions for your growing business.

7. Activtrak

One advantage of using Activtrak is that any number of people can access it; whether you have 5 people on your team or 1000 people. It has a user-friendly interface and can be used on the go (on mobile devices).

8. Free marketing automation platforms

You can’t build a useful mailing list unless you use one of the following marketing programs:

9. Sendinblue

Sendinblue has the capability to send emails to up to 3000 people every day. Its user-friendly interface is perfect for beginners entering the automation world.

10. Mailerlite

Mailerlite allows you to send daily emails to 1000 subscribers. It offers several features that are very easy to access. The automation platform Mailerlite is best for sending newsletters, webinar invites, and exclusive discount vouchers on the email.

11. Mailchimp

One of the benefits of Mailchimp is that it allows you to send personalized emails to more than 2000 subscribers.

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Free account marketing sales tools

Account-based marketing tools allow you to focus on the targeted audience by helping you create a list of potential prospects and customers. Here are some of the tools you should try out:

1. Datanyze

Datanyze can be used to create a list of potential customers and leads that yield well in sales.

2. Salesforce Lite HG Data

HG Data is basically a Google Chrome extension for Salesforce. While the extension is quite easy to download with a few features, it allows you to identify companies that you can sell your products.

3. Owler

Owler is a progressive and efficient sales tool that gives you news alerts on company data in real-time.

Final Thoughts

The apps, platforms, software, and services that we have cited above have a good rating on the internet. However, it all comes down to your business requirements and whether or not you need an application like this. But, all of the above citations are there to grow your business and make your work easier.

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