East top of funnel strategies, Businesses following trends within their industry and even trends that are occurring across society as whole can utilize this information to feed the top of funnel for their pipeline.

Easy Top of Funnel Strategies

The goal here is to be creative with your strategy, make a decision on where and how you can get your brand mentioned, highlighted or direct placement as well as where to publish the information. Making the decision on placement is really about the lasting power of the “trend”. If the trend is lasting and has true positive impact ramifications, then creating assets across your digital footprint should be the call-to-action, including 3rd party content syndication spend.

If the trend doesn’t have lasting power, then gearing up quickly for a creative social media play, an ad spend campaign within reason or some very clever ABM tactics are in order.

Videos and Interactive Content

Keep in mind how people choose to engage is also a non-stop trend in itself. Live streaming, Short videos and “Reels”, Brand involvement or Interactive Content are now at the top of marketing departments strategies. This exactly where Bython clients utilize our services, where we can help create professional short videos and interactive content quickly to capitalize on any given strategy.

Keep in mind “jumping on the bandwagon” can also have negative impacts. Make sure you’re not utilizing every trend that comes around in your marketing strategy, truly think about how your company will come across…thought leadership should be your main focus, but smart, clever and fun are all great for brand awareness when done professionally and with tact.

Thought Leadership Focused

Some trends can give your business an advantage and allow your company to come off as a thought leader in your space, addressing the trend and how your business fits into this conversation can empower your brand, product and or service.

Short-Term Trend Example

A great recent example of B2B businesses leveraging a short term trend, would be the cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. Businesses from warehouses, freight and logistics were able to speak to flexibility, the ability to pivot and multi-channel solutions to make sure you don’t get “stuck”.

Long-Term Trend Example

An example of a long term trend that has had lasting impacts, was an image that went viral of an unfortunate turtle that had a plastic straw stuck in its nose. The world has known that we have a plastic problem for over a decade, but this picture was able to capture everyone’s attention and give us pause. Almost overnight, businesses started cutting back on their plastic purchases and offering consumers alternatives.

Adding “Trends” to your marketing strategy is truly demand generation and brand awareness at its best! Introducing your company, product and services through these means you can quickly fill the top of your funnel pipeline with contacts that now have the potential and willingness to engage. If you are looking for a professional partnership that understands how to leverage trends into great opportunities, we would love to work and collaborate with you.

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