A Focus On The Customer Journey

Demand Generation strategies vary from business to business, but some of the top strategies are applied to all businesses across the board with slight variations depending on the target or goal. When you’re implementing any strategy, making sure the process is trackable from start to finish or if you’re using a third party, make sure they are providing accurate data. Finding out what works, what the return of investment is and onboarding time is key to any successful strategy. At Bython we take these strategies and campaigns a step further and make sure we are thinking about the Customer’s Journey and Customer’s Experience.

Demand Generation Strategies and Services

Bython offers Demand Generation as a service, but unlike a lot of agencies that are offering cookie cutter solutions, our solutions are designed once we understand your company’s true needs.

Internally our Demand Generation strategies are called the routing tree process, but most consumers may consider it part of the “UX” Customer Journey. It really is an “If this, Then that” predetermined journey or possibility of journeys, based on where the initial Call-to-Action was clicked on or asset requested.

Automation and Reporting our key for a successful marketing campaign. However, if you’re truly not planning through the entire UX factor your automation may just disappoint, your reports may be discouraging … Connect With Us and lets design and create a winning process!

Demand Generation Strategies

You may also be aware of or at least heard of the term “Funnel” as it is the basic outline for your digital strategy and what assets you believe have the highest possibility of creating an initial engagement. After these assets have been created and placed, then either automation, manual actions or a combination of both may occur for next steps within your Funnel or Customer Journey.

Automation and Reporting

Bython not only offers Demand Generation Strategies as part of our services for our customers, but it truly is a complete solution with automation processes in place, powered with reporting and task creation all handled by our custom built Byonic.ai platform that will help

We invite you to contact Bython and let us help you design, create and develop a complete experience for your target audience. In addition to our demand generation best-practice solutions, we offer supporting content including in-house video creation, blogs, white papers and even case studies

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