Demand Generation

Through a variety of strategies as well as the use of our platform and its built-in artificial intelligence, we’re able to provide a lead list that meets your needs anywhere in the buying funnel. Our qualification incorporates intent, demographic, digital and tele-verificaiton as well as more in-depth strategies such as BANT to provide clients with a list of qualified, actionable leads and opportunities for your sales team.

What are the results of good demand generation?
The machine keeps going on and on and feeds your sales team with qualified leads and gets the correct message to the right targets. Making targets aware of your message and being an answer to a challenge your customers have leads to investment in your solution. One more success is the development of brand awareness and reduce the steps it takes to close sales in the future.

Demand Generation

How Does Bython
Execute Demand Generation?

Demand Generation & Brand Awareness to Sales-Ready-Opportunities incorporating Waterfall, BANT, and custom interactive programs


Expert experience with data governance platforms


First-party database targeting with intent & multi-touch verification


Content, nurture emails, follow-up qualification & interaction measurement


On Demand uploads through CRM integration including: Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot and more via API

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How does demand generation fit into marketing strategy?
It’s an overarching term that spans across the marketing funnel from the bottom to the top with lead generation activities. Demand generation is a multi-step process that brings in elements of education and brand storytelling. It shows your audience a potential challenge they face and positions your brand as the answer. Bython Media can publish white papers or content that promotes your solutions to create demand. In addition, we can create supporting content such as videos, infographics, or creative assets that support your content to increase the discoverability and maximize the message.

How does it differ from Lead Generation?
Lead Generation is where Bython Media takes a prospective client’s interest and awareness demand generation creates and turns them into specific people with names and contact information. We target engaged buyers when they’re already aware of the solution you’re trying to solve. Potential customers are ready to evaluate if you are the correct solution for their challenge.

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