What sets companies like Apple, Disney, Harley-Davidson, and Geico apart? There could be many answers, but one of those answers is that, undoubtedly, these have built an entire belief system based on brand experiences. Essential to a truly great business is the building of a brand that nurtures a personal connection between the business and the people it is serving.

One of the important aspects of creating a brand experiences is making sure that content is front and center. Content experiences make a brand cohesive and memorable, and they also fuel account based marketing campaigns, event follow-up, lead generation, and product launches. A strong, cohesive, and memorable brand allows customers to recognize the company, form connections with the company, and remember the company when they are searching for solutions.

It is one thing to have a strong brand. However, it is another thing to have remarkable content and generate lasting experiences with the brand.

Here are some tactics for creating memorable brand experiences that increase customer engagement.

1. Connect with customers where they are.

Engaging with customers allows a company to create a trusted connection with them. Remember, your customers are using multiple social media networks to share their experiences and viewpoints. You need to use the digital landscape to create a reputation for yourself, build valuable customer experiences, and support the conversations that your customers are having. You can use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to gather emails, capture sign-ups, engage in discussions, direct people towards your websites, utilize user-generated content to create advocacy, and publish campaigns.

2. Survey your customers.

You need to understand your customers so that you can create experiences that will engage them, and a great way to better understand your customer base is by using surveys. Your surveys should be creative and fun so that customers are happy to take part. After you have received data, you should use proper analytics to interpret it and implement the necessary changes to make your customers happy. Use the data from surveys to better understand your target audience and to make the right decisions when interacting with customers.

3. Use contests.

The use of contests increases engagement by growing your online audience and also increasing the amount of email sign-ups. Building and deploying contests on social media are a great way to begin a relationship with potential customers, although they do not necessarily establish loyalty to your brand in the long term (especially for those who don’t win).

4. Create added value.

The central thing to increasing brand loyalty is creating products that have value. Remember, value is not necessarily providing the cheapest product or giving away things for free, but it is about giving customers what they desire. Take your product or service and see how you can add value to it, similar to how Amazon adds value to their service with Amazon Prime. Customers are willing to do a bit more in order to receive the added value.

5. Connect emotionally with your customers.

You need to find what matters to your customers and use that so your audience can connect emotionally with your brand. This emotional connection should be authentic, real, and relevant. Creating an experience that will make your customers feel something is important to making them engage with you.

6. Use meaningful content.

Creating a memorable brand experience that will affect your customers also entails sharing your content in a meaningful way. You should use relevant current events, industry trends, and personalized customer data to share a message that creates conversation and promotes your company.

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