Continued Digital Transformation Trends

The definition of digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organization. Common goals for its implementation are to improve efficiency, value or innovation.

The world is facing a digital transformation, industries are streamlining more processes through automation and moving to online systems. According to PEW Research Group 85% of Americans say they go online on a daily basis more and more, companies are now feeling the need to follow continued digital transformation trends.

Adding value to every customer interaction.

Digital marketing takes a customer driven, digital first approach, by creating or modifying processes and customer experiences. With the changing market requirements, digital technologies can leverage data faster and smarter, which can create new business and keep your customers needs met and their expectations fulfilled. “Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon pointed out on a recent episode of the Tim Ferriss Show that becoming a digital enterprise should only change the way companies work, not what companies do.”

Examples of Digital Transformation

Marketing Automation, measuring marketing tasks and workflows to increase efficiency. By streaming and automating , the goal is to grow revenue faster at a lower cost, creating an extremely efficient management of pipeline and funnel processes and stages.
Some great examples include:

  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Lead generation
  • ROI measurement
  • Account based marketing

AI Systems

AI can predict the customers next steps and provide a better overall experience for them. AI systems can mine information and sales history and look for patterns and correlations boosting your digital marketing campaigns.
Here are some examples of ways to implement AI into your transformations planning.

  • Chatbot services
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Conversational AI’s
  • Advanced intelligent search

A digital transformation is not only a business transformation but also a cultural shift. During this time you can revamp your company’s processes and ways of doing things inline with the digital first approach. Bython can help you with demand generation though your company’s continued digital transformation

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