The key to great content marketing is to have truly relevant and useful content directed to our target customers and prospects that directly helps them solve their issues. Rather than pitching products or services to our customers, we are providing an answer to our consumers needs.

Content marketing has been around for decades. In the 50’s-60’s Kelloggs very successfully began selling cereal to children by creating fun animal mascots, animated commercials and ads on the back of the cereal boxes. This in its time was a new and successful approach to targeted content marketing. 

Currently we have something far more powerful to help our marketers with their targeted content. The internet. This allows marketers to reach more customers with speed and when done right provides a great ROI and can continue to deliver for your business long term. We have a variety bag of digital content at our fingertips and can get that content to our targets faster and more often. 

What Can Content Marketing Do for Our Clients?

ROI Metrics

72% of the most successful marketers in North America measure the ROI of their content marketing (eMarketer).

Customer/Brand Loyalty

60% of marketers report that demand generation/leads. In addition, 70% of marketers say that content marketing helps to educate the audience, and 60% say that it helps build loyalty with existing clients/customers (CMI).

Increased Sales/Cost Savings 

Content marketing generates over 3x as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less (Demand Metric).

Content Marketing Forms

Bython can utilize a wide variety of content pieces or types and we’d like to highlight some of the most popular.

has a variety of high yield digital content strategies to choose from, below are four of our most popular formats we would like to highlight . 

Case studies
Due to the nature and depth of research case studies require, they highlight our customers’ successful use of their services or product. It is a testimonial of their customers’ experience, explaining how their  product or service solved their client’s pain points, saving them money or an increase in productivity. 

“Case studies demonstrate success by showing potential customers that current customers — who once had challenges similar to their own — solved their pain points by making a purchase”.


Fun fact from Wikipedia: The term white paper originated with the British government and many point to the Churchill White Paper of 1922 as the earliest well-known example under this name.

Today we utilize B2B whitepapers, creating an authoritative guide to promote a product or service, or educate our client’s audience about a particular issue. Basically they are advanced problem solving guides. 


These are downloadable books written to cover any type issue. 

Ebooks give you the opportunity to give the audience informative data and detailed insight on the area of expertise. In return you get valuable customer contact information generating new leads and a more robust pipeline. It’s a win win!

Content syndication 

Content Marketing strategies and placement are uniquely aligned with all three of our core services. Account based marketing, demand generation and content syndication are all fueled by great content marketing. In the world of IoT, there are unlimited resources, techniques and trends that we can help your business attract and engage your desired audience type. 

 The Bython team invites you to schedule a call to discuss how we can best serve you with content marketing.

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