7 Common Mistakes in B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is tough. It doesn’t matter which industry you are working in. Even more, about 80% of marketers state that their lead generation efforts aren’t that effective.

Even though B2B lead generation is difficult. However, you might be making things harder by making some common mistakes in the process. Avoiding them is necessary to make your B2B lead generation process more effective.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you must avoid in B2B lead generation:

  1. Lack of a landing pageLanding pages are a critical part of the lead generation process. It is because these offer concise information about service or product and encourage specific actions. To make the most out of these, you must have a well-executed landing page. Even more, it must provide accurate information to your visitors. You must offer something valuable on your landing page to generate a lead.
  2. Bad formsSpending enough time to analyze what to include in your form is necessary. It is because a bad form can repel your leads and impact the lead generation process negatively. Forms are one of the best ways to collect essential information about your lead. However, getting your forms wrong is easier.Don’t create too long-form because people usually leave a long-form without filling. Even more, keep it concise and collect essential information only.
  3. No segmentationLead segmentation is the common place where businesses usually struggle. Understand, all the leads you are generating for your business aren’t the same. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat those same. Understand the face that leads coming from different phases of buyer’s journey needs different treatment. Therefore, you must have an effective lead segmentation process in place to make your B2B lead generation more effective.
  4. Poor lead magnetsLead magnets do work pretty well. However, just like your forms, you can get these wrong, also. Your lead magnet must pull your audience to perform a certain action. Remember, not every email attracts your prospects. Therefore, you must offer them something valuable to get their information in exchange.So, ensure to create a lead magnet that makes your prospects feel valued.
  5. Getting social media wrongCertainly, social media is essential to run a successful business. However, the availability of so many options has made things a bit nuanced at present. Remember, you don’t have to be present on all social media platforms. Instead, establish your presence where most of your prospects are. This will make it easier for you to focus on the platforms that are beneficial for you.
  6. Not checking analytics or A/B testing.At the end of the day, checking your analytics is important to see how your lead generation efforts are performing. This can let you see your progress and also find the area of improvement. Even more, to ensure improving your leads continuously, you must consider running A/B testing.
  7. Seeing lead generation as the only focusWell, this is the biggest mistake here, as you should never stop your lead generation process after getting leads. Instead, it is the point to start nurturing those leads more effectively.

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