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 is always on guiding our prospects and customers through a comprehensive experience encompassing all of the processes, resources, and access needed to develop and execute demand generation campaigns. It blends decades of demand generation experience with usability, transparency, and our technology.

What Byonic Does?

Target Your Ideal Customer Profile

Find and interact with your target customers at scale. Bionic enables our prospects and customers to access our extensive database of contacts identifying and engaging with those that fit their ICP and those that show intent for their products and services.

Leverage a multi-channel plan to influence and engage

Launch your campaign with the right message and at the right time to those who need it most. Smart campaigns using Byonic provide predictive and actionable insights in one single platform from interest to conversion.

Accelerate decision making to improve results

Use our real time reporting to make immediate decisions and needed changes for all campaigns in real time. Campaign insights provide an accurate and deep understanding of customer engagement and buyers journeys to meet the needs of your ICP based upon their buying habits and attitudes.

Byonic Platform Features

  • Develop & execute campaigns with 61+M full contact records.
  • Segment contacts in real-time.
  • Unlock key insights on your prospects using 1st & 3rd party intent data.
  • Target companies with specific install base technologies.
  • Use Real-time campaign reports to improve campaigns.
  • Identify critical decisions and actions with campaign insights.
  • Integrations with data delivery platforms (Integrate, Convertr), CRM, and Maps

Who Uses Byonic?

Create demand generation campaigns that convert to SQL’s.

You have many responsibilities, but one job generate the highest conversion leads for your sales team.

Increase pipeline opportunities and close rates.

Improve results and ROI for your customers.

Improve results and ROI for your customers.

Customer Success Professionals

Byonic Campaign Reporting Dashboards

Campaign Reporting Dashboard
View your campaign and monitor performance

Campaign Details Overview
Single source for all campaign metrics

Campaign Lead Results Details
Real time campaign reporting across all metrics

Get answers to your demand generation solution needs