The Next Generation of Advanced Marketing & Demand Generation

Byonic AI Platform is a proprietary technology infrastructure that Bython designed to give marketers, product managers, client success professionals, and sales teams the power to discover, target, and manage customizable marketing campaigns.

Our integrated MarTech platform takes first party buyer intent data to power our engine so that we can provide stakeholders in your business key insights into critical demand generation outcomes. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technology as the foundation, this technology enables marketers to run smarter data driven camp(ai)2gns.

The outcomes are generating higher quality leads and adding value to any organization’s marketing funnel. This single unified end-to-end platform based on proprietary technology coupled with its digital assets aims to achieve a high performing camp(ai)2gn that resonates with customers and prospects.

What does do?

  • Segment account data based on AI engine in real-time
  • Stack rank organizations and unlock key insights on your prospective buyers based on first party intent data
  • Create and launch content for personalized campaigns and digital experiences through the strategic use of account data.
  • Integrated with our media properties for content syndication
  • Real time campaign statistics & dashboard including pacing
    • Firmographic, demographic, install base, and intent data
  • Lead delivery & analysis
  • Reporting across campaigns
  • API integrations with CRMs like salesforce
  • API Integration with data optimization and delivery
  • Target organizations based on important technologies by exploring install base data within the Byonic.AI engine
  • Build, execute and manage your entire end-to-end demand generation programs and sales cycle from one platform. First-Party Database

Byonic artificial intelligence and machine learning platform Campaign Dashboard featuring campaign-level search criteria. Campaign Dashboard Campaign Dashboard – Real-Time Campaign Insight

Lead Strength Reporting

Through the use of the platform, the outcomes are generating higher quality leads and adding value to your marketing funnel.

Paired with the Bython Media marketing suite, allows product managers, marketers, and sales teams to generate successful demand generation campaign outcomes.

About Bython Media

61 Million Total Contacts
2.2 Million Leads Generated
2 Million Searchable Companies
26,500+ Install Base
155 Searchable Industries