byonic is an “always on it,” innovative end-to-end B2B demand generation and marketing solution. It blends account intelligence, opportunity insights, quality automation, and creative content into a single platform that stands on an intelligent data foundation.

What Byonic Does?

Customer-Centric Results That Convert

Find and interact with your B2B Ideal Customer Profile at scale.

Byonic enables customer to access an extensive database of contacts identifying and engagement with those that fit your ICP and those that show intent for their solutions.

Experiences That Drive Engagement

Smart campaigns using Byonic provide predictive and actionable insights in one single platform from interest to conversion.

Real-Time Data And Insights

Byonic allows real-time decisions for live campaigns.

Campaign insights provide an accurate and deep understanding of customer engagement and buyer’s journeys to meet the needs of your ICP based upon their buying habits.

Contacts That Are In-Market

Reach your ideal customer profile using intent data. Focus on who is looking for your solutions, cutting nurture time and time to market. Intent data advantages also include finding new opportunities and creating focused campaigns.

Byonic uses 1st party and 3rd party intent data housed in a single, proprietary database. 1st party data is Bython’s direct content engagement data, continuously updated and verified. 3rd party data is regularly collected and verified to build complete contact records. Byonic B2B intent data includes 7600+ topics sourced from data points including social media, partner data, and open data sources such as company websites, news, and blogs.

Buying Groups That Drive Purchase Decisions

In B2B marketing, a buying group is a collection of people, each with different job roles, who all have input into the buying decision. This is not a buying center which is the group that holds the budget.

By marketing to B2B buying groups, the focus is to identify and engage all of the players in the buying process who will need to sign off on a purchase. Effective use of this strategy requires a deliberate focus on who is targeted plus personalize the messages to these different job roles. Use Bython to identify the buying group along with their full contact records.

Byonic Platform Features

Byonic was built as an all-inclusive platform for your marketing campaign needs. The Platform is an end-to-end set of capabilities that include account intelligence, demand generation insights, and dashboards that are fully automated and use smart data.

The Byonic Platform includes six (6) specific customer features as shown below.

Byonic Platform graph

Create and launch personalized campaigns using Byonic’s smart data. The Platform can also be used for RFQ’s and proposals with the ability to convert and then launch campaigns.

Segment contacts with:

  • Firmographic Data
  • Technographic Data
  • Psychographic Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Predictive Data

Target companies with install-base technologies and unlock key insights with our 1st and 3rd party intent data. Include buying groups in your campaigns that have input into the buying decision.

Byonic can monitor the progress of campaigns in real-time letting you make decisions throughout the life of the campaign. The Platform is integrated with our internal CRM, Connect360, that runs campaigns. Byonic is also integrated with our proprietary tools including Connect 180 for campaign lifecycle management and billing, and with Connect270 giving a springboard to expand our delivery capabilities by engaging multiple partners.

Optimize campaigns in real-time to accelerate the sales pipeline and growth. Monitor the delivery of your campaigns including pacing with Byonic.

Use Byonic’s real-time reporting to improve your campaigns. These reports can be accessed anytime and changes can be made to live campaigns.

Use real-time reports and intuitive dashboards to optimize your campaigns. You can check Byonic’s reports and dashboards at any time. Byonic has four dashboards that let you manage your campaigns in real-time. These include:

  • Account Overview Dashboard
  • Campaign Overview Dashboard
  • Campaign Asset Dashboard
  • Campaign Statistics Dashboard

Byonic integrates with marketing automation platforms like Marketo and CRMs such as Salesforce. Additionally, the Platform integrates with data delivery platforms like Convertr, Integrate, FTP, and the like.

See Byonic’s dashboards below.

Account Overview Dashboard

The Account Overview Dashboard shows four separate graphs.

  • Campaigns by status
  • Leads by status whether they were delivered, accepted, rejected, balanced, or completed.
  • Top five (5) performing campaigns based upon your metric of interest such as volume, competition, percentage, and the like.
  • Campaigns requiring attention.

We deliver a file of uploaded campaigns.

Campaign by Status
Leads by Status

Byonic Campaign Statistics Dashboards