Businesses that offer integration, migration and supporting products or services for other platforms and softwares are looking towards Installed Base Marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the best approaches and how your business can start leveraging Installed Based Marketing strategies.

The first thing to consider is how you are going to obtain user information for the platform or software that you’re supporting.
Bython Media is an exceptional option to obtain a user list. We understand there are other options too, but the question really comes down to accuracy, contracts and acquisition costs. Here at Bython we believe that businesses who are  just starting down this path need extremely accurate information, and we are the best choice in the industry.

Once you have figured out where to obtain your installed base user information, it’s time to get down to the best strategies.

If you already have your Branding and USP (Unique Selling Position) identified, assets created and are ready to distribute your messaging. Here are the top 3 Installed Base Marketing approaches, with insights to best practices.

  1. Cold Calling
  2. Nurture Series Email Campaign
  3. Content Syndication

Cold Calling

Yep, on the top of the list the age old practice of Cold Calling. Many businesses utilize this practice, but now your Sales Team is empowered with an actual list of decision makers and individuals that are actively using your targeted Installed Base. Bython Media takes some of the overhead costs away for businesses that are looking at Cold Calling efforts. Making the initial calls, creating engagement and handing over leads that are ready to talk, learn more, that are in fact engaged.

Cold Calling, no matter who is reaching out to the targeted audience, needs to be ready to set appointments for more in-depth reviews, demos, case studies and acquisition costs. Bython can also help you create these assets, offering end-to-end support and solutions for this cold calling approach.

Nurture Series Campaigns

Nurture Series email campaigns are a great strategy, but keep in mind the lifespan of your Sales Cycle can be increased utilizing this technique. The goal here is to generate awareness, followed by engagement and finally the call-to-action.

Make sure you have the ability to monitor, track and create “if this, than that” sequences within your wireframe and automation. Beginning with general brand awareness with great messaging and imagery, introducing your product or services and the USP is a great way to kick off the campaign.

Throughout these campaigns think about the target’s pain points, the job you are helping them with, efficiency and if it is a must “cost savings”.

If you’re creating a true demand for your business, cost or savings messaging really isn’t needed, unless your product performs great and just happens to be a cost effective solution.

You can set these campaigns up through many different email marketing platforms and CRMs or reach out to us and we can help you implement a complete strategy.

Content Syndication

Having others mention your business, products and or service is a great way to create validation for an Installed Base Marketing approach. You have several options here that you can choose from or use in tandem.

1. Our top choice is placing your information where engagement is allowed either on page or redirects to a landing page for data collection. We consider this first party data and this is considered the strongest possible lead you can receive through content syndication. The goal is to partner with platforms that are trusted, have considerable traffic and are relatively in your space. Bython has many platforms for you to create first party data including technology, marketing and finance. If you’re unsure where to start, we invite you to schedule a call.
2. Another choice is casting a wide net by utilizing platforms like PR Newswire. This approach, when your messaging truly is engaging can help with brand awareness and generate leads on your site and at the same time improve your site strength through citation and link building.
3. Placing your business in an online and / or physical print magazine where you believe your audience is digesting information, is a great way to get your messaging out there. This is the hardest to monitor and track where the lead came from, but nonetheless a great opportunity to gain exposure.

If your business is needing a tactical approach to connect and market to specific Install Base platform users, we invite you to schedule a call and learn more about how a strong partnership and strategy can make all the difference.

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