There was a revolution in the world of B2B marketing when digital marketing channels cam to existence as it made it easier for marketers to reach out to their customers.

For every $1 spent in marketing, the average marketing campaign earns a return on investment of $38. With that information, you must start preparing for a strong B2B social media strategy in 2020 if you want to be ahead of your competitors.

Why Is Social Media Beneficial for B2B Marketers?

As human beings, we use our social experience when making a decision. Social media helps us to socialize and it is no different than conversations and maintaining social relationships with your friends. In terms of social media marketing, B2B2 firms take advantage of the social media platforms whether it is to promote their product, service, or to reach out to the audience.

According to many B2B marketers, people do not buy from them unless they see good reviews about them online. Therefore, the more traffic from social media apps to your website, the more people will buy from you.

How to Create a Killer B2B Social Media Strategy?

B2B companies have changed the meaning of what it is like to be a brand on social media platforms. To attract and convince your audience, here is a killer B2B media strategy for you:

  • Decide Your Goals and Measure Your Progress

    What exactly do you want to achieve with that killer marketing strategy of yours? If you have no answer to it, you need to set your goals first. You can define your goals to be highlighting the key steps of your strategy. If your interest is to increase brand awareness, you will most likely focus on metrics. If your goal is to promote a newly launched product, your focus will most likely be getting potential customers.

    Make bullet points and set your goals. Moreover, you also need to measure your goals and progress over time using the right tools. For example, using Google analytics could help you find out a lot about your engagement with the audience.

  • Share ORIGINAL Content to Increase Business Awareness

    You need to publish original content consistently all over your social media pages and website to boost brand awareness. To reach out to a maximum number of people, you need to invest in ads and other brand-boosting strategies.

    • B2B marketers fail to get potential customers in bulk because they do not post original content as much as they should. It takes time to build a loyal audience so including details for every post could benefit you in this cause.
    • Create Buyer Personas

      You can create buyer personas by analyzing the profiles of managers who purchased your product. By building personas including age, gender, industry, business niche, and position of every manager, you could understand your target markets.

    • Monitor Competitors

      Keeping an eye on your rivals could help you with the dos and don’ts of a killer B2B strategy. You can use social media tracking tools to track your opponent’s brand accounts.

    • Use Employer Advocacy

      Featuring employee’s point of view could help you get customers as employees’ voices mean original content. Sharing brand messages through your employees could help you to earn the trust of your customers.

    • Identify Your Target Audience

      By using Google Analytics and other tools, you can identify your target audience. You can separate them from your overall audience and focus on a strategy that might appeal to them.

      1. To target the right audience, you need to:
      2. Set your priorities right.
      3. Analyze your competitors’ customers.
      4. Decide on what type of content to share.
      5. Assign and create buyer personas to target markets.

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    Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your B2B Marketing Media Strategy

    Even though there are hundreds of social media platforms catering B2B marketers to share their content and attract a targeted audience, here are the most important social media platforms for B2B marketers:

    • Facebook

      Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms by all age groups. It started as a simple chatting and media-sharing app but now, B2B marketers are using it to promote their brands and to increase their brands’ visibility.

      There are many benefits of Facebook such as:

      1. Video posting
      2. Story posting
      3. Live streaming
      4. New business engagement and promotion tools for creating and posting content
    • Linkedin

      LinkedIn is probably the best platform for B2B businesses as it:

      1. It focuses more on infographics, graphs, and charts.
      2. Promotes MOFU content.
    • Twitter

      Twitter is considered as another good platform for B22 marketing as:

      1. It promises quick engagement in return.
      2. Pins your tweets to extend their value.
      3. Thousands of GIFs and videos that you can feature on your posts.
    • Instagram

      Instagram is more than just a picture-sharing app. It is now a haven for B2B marketers because:

      1. You can showcase your brand’s cultures, values, and objectives.
    • Youtube

      YouTube is a video and content sharing app primarily used by vloggers and influencers. However, it is also being used by B2B marketers to reach out to their customers as it is the second biggest search engine after Google.

    • Join Groups and Communities

      Joining groups and communities helps to improve your organic engagement rate.

      •  Comment on Breaking News

        Sharing a post or two about current world affairs or giving out your opinion could grab the user’s attention. Hence, leading them to check out your page.

      • Showcase Your Partners

        Mentioning your business partners would not only build strong relationships but will also expand your network of partners.

      • Engage in Online Conversations

        Engaging in online conversations on panels and forums could help you get useful insights and tips to make a killer B2B marketing strategy.

      • Build Your Brand

        A brand’s credibility is what matters for the customers in the end. Apart from building a loyal customer base, you must make a name for your brand by increasing brand awareness and its visibility.

      • Create a Calendar

        A good way to be consistent is to plan. Apart from producing content and then promoting it, a marketer should maintain a calendar to ensure that he is doing things smoothly.


      In the end, it all comes down to understanding and using these ways to make your B2B marketing strategy a successful one.

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