Email is still one of the best channels for B2B marketers to interact and communicate with their audience. Not only does email help you engage interactively with your business customers but it also gives a high return on investment when compared to other channels.

Nearly, 293.6 billion are expected to be sent every day in 2020. For every $1 dollar you decide to spend on email marketing, you can expect a total return of more than $42.

What Is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B email marketing is a concept that refers to the process of exchanging information, valuable insights, services or products between two companies. This process is known to have a larger sales cycle as it influences the business customer to make a firm buying decision.

23 Business Boosting B2B Email Marketing Examples

Let’s not waste any time and move on to the inspiring 23 B2B email marketing examples:

  • Welcome New Users

It’s not easy to build a long organic mailing list. If you want new subscribers, welcome them with value by convincing them that your brand is more desirable and trustworthy. Show care to your clients by sending curated content in the sent emails. Content that isn’t promotional attract new consumers.

  • Announce the Launch of New Products

You can announce new features in the old product or introduce an entirely new product by offering a free trial offer in the mail. This type of marketing is important to keep the business-customer relationship strong.

  • Set Up Your Lead Magnet Autoresponder

You can monitor your client’s behavior and offer his products and services accordingly. If they have not used your product or availed your services lately, remind them through your marketing emails. There are plenty of B2B email marketing tools to do that, such as lead magnet autoresponder.

  • Notify Users on Trial Expirations

Ever found someone who did not want free stuff? Offering your clients a free trial of your service or product could bring great benefit to you. It will help clients to have insights into your valuable products and services.

However, you should notify the user on their free trial expiration date through marketing emails during the tenure.

  • Company Announcement

One of the best b2b email marketing example is announcement emails. A lot of well-established brand s notify their customers about the big changes being taken in the company. This could include being awarded, the launch of new products, new changes in the online store or a website haul.

  • Remind Activation

It’s easy for the people to sign up for your subscriptions. But, some of them do not read your emails. So, your clients or other businesses need an encouraging push from you to get involved in your email announcements.

For this, many businesses send out good marketing emails for the clients indicating how easy it is for them to use the product or service.

  • Re-Engage with Your Subscribers

Similar to the activation example, this one also strengthens the customer-business relationship online. Instead of giving up on inactive email subscribers, many businesses take a direct approach to interact with them. For this purpose, re-engagement emails are used. Sometimes, businesses need to force their customers to interact.

  • Offer Help to Your Customer

You can offer help to your new customers by guiding them through the first step of using your product or service. You can add bulleted points at the end of an email to enhance the customer experience. People love to see instructions, but they thank God when they are stuck, and the company comes up with a solution to help them.

  • Retention Email Campaigns

Email marketing is perfect to add life and energy to the campaigns you are running then. Whether it’s the publicity of a new product or a buy 1 get 1 free campaign to reach out to new customers, you can achieve the highest return on investment through email blasts.

  • Offer Exclusive Content to Your Email Subscribers

Fill your marketing emails with content sourced from the internet. People appreciate the content on emails that’s for their general information and knowledge. You can relate the curated content to your product somehow to attract potential customers. By creating exclusive content, you are giving out a sign that you care for your email subscribers holistically.

  • Expose Your Content

You can expose your blog articles in the marketing emails as well. Whenever you publish a new article on your website, you can always send out a piece of that article to expose it in the email.

  • Get More Attendees with Webinar Invitation Emails

Successful B2B email marketing strategy also includes invitation emails for webinars. It is a good method for a business to business companies to generate new leads using their top-funnel sales. So, for a webinar to be successful, you need to send out invitation emails first. You can do it through a reminder email template.

  • Send Promotional Sales Emails

Every sale matter to your customers. However, do not brag about it in your email. Keep your sale emails impactful, short and straight to the point. If you need to go in-depth, you can just include the benefit of this sale for business companies at the end of the email.

  • Ask for Referrals and Make Offers Mutually Beneficial

If you want something beneficial out of a campaign, that’s to ask your loyal customers to suggest them to their networks. This does not only increase brand awareness but sales as well. So, it’s a win-win situation for the brand. These types of emails encourage the customers’ moral to refer you to their friends and family members.

  • Thank Your Customers for Doing Business with You

Gratitude is the only kind factor between the brand and the customer that makes a relationship go a long way. Send out customer appreciation emails to add value to your relationship. This increases customer loyalty.

  • Show Reasons Using Your Service Is Easy

You can introduce your workflow to the clients and invite them to join your legacy by availing your product or services. You can guide them through the whole process in your marketing emails to encourage them a bit.

  • Show Several Ideas to Help Your Partner Start

One way of introducing all your products and services to your consumers is through B2B email marketing. For instance, a freelancer can jot down all the services he can offer to a business company.

  • Sending greetings and Wishes

If you need a bridge to connect with your audience or potential customers, you can use B2B emails. Big holidays are days where you can interact with them by sending out electronic Christmas cards or new year cards on your emails. However, if you are sending gift cards or greeting cards for holidays, do not have a sales tone.

  • Event Newsletters

If you are planning to have a twitter chat, a webinar or an online session with your audience, try sending out event newsletter on your mails. Emailing to your customer is a good practice to invite him to brand-related events. If you want to make the newsletter interesting, do not forget to add a catchy title with informational snippets.

  • Case Study Emails

Case studies are used by the B2B companies if you want to promote your products based on their benefits to the consumers. So, you need solid proof. Fortunately, you can send out case study emails as proof that your services or products are really helpful to your clients. You can target industry roles in your case studies to inspire your clients more.

  • Offer Free Trials

Clients are eager to get services or products for free. So, if you have launched a new product or a service, offer free user trials to give better insights to consumers about your product. Who knows they end up extending the service through a paid plan?

  • Develop Whitepapers

Whitepapers are known as valuable pieces of content that your company can benefit from. Whitepapers in email marketing are so common that more than 71% of marketers use them. However, it takes time to produce high-quality content for a white paper. So, you might need to hire a professional content writer.

5 Ways to Automate B2B Email Marketing

Here are some ways to automate B2B email marketing efficiently and effectively:

  • Use Behavior-Triggered Emails

To customize your B2B email marketing, you need to automate your dripping campaigns. These can be triggered whenever a subscriber clicks on a link, is added to your email list, gets a hashtag or submits an online application.

Email triggers allow you to automate your emails and help to achieve targeted dripping campaign goals.

  • Set Up Email Autoresponders

To be more responsive, its best to set email to auto-respondent. By this, you can get back to your clients as soon as possible. Even if you cannot, it notifies the clients that you have acknowledged their queries.

  • Create Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaign sends out automated emails to your email subscribers to achieve pre-defined goals. This helps the business to business companies to generate new leads and increase sales.

  • Set Up Automation with Conditions

Email automation is a modern tool that allows you to send out an email to a large group of people and that too, in blasts. Depending on your audience, email automation helps you send messages for targeted sales.

  • Automate Re-Sending to Non-Openers

What if email subscribers on your list do not open your emails? You can automate re-sending them but with different subject lines each time. This increases the probability of them noticing you in their mails.


If you want to boost up your sales, then its better to apply the above B2B performance-boosting email marketing tips by all means. Crafting a good B2B email strategy would not only improve your sales but would also help you understand the sales process easily. But you should always measure and analyze your performance for improvement.

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