With an Install Base of 26,500 and a database of 61 million total contacts, you can target an existing enterprise account list, an SMB prospects list, or a list of Fortune 500 companies with your message. Account based marketing takes your message from broad to specific, targeting those who are most willing to purchase.

With Bython, we only deliver the most relevant content to the most relevant prospects at the best time within their buying journey. With our proprietary data intelligence technology on our Byonic platform, you can close target accounts and move buyers through the pipeline much faster.

Bython’s Approach to ABM includes

  • Prioritize active buyers and prospects with first party intent data
  • Implement Byonic, our proprietary technology, to target buyers and prospects with relevant content at the right time in the buying journey
  • Define campaign criteria and identify intent signals to determine what is most important to buyers

ABM is one of the top strategies that delivers the highest ROI for B2B businesses. With so much noise in the market, it is important to stand out among your target accounts and measure performance across your campaigns. With Bython, you will never miss an opportunity for your sales team to engage with a target account.

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