About Bython Media

Founded in 2012, Bython Media is a leading digital publishing and marketing company in Frisco, TX with additional locations in the United Kingdom, India and Mexico. We provide marketing and media services to B2B companies across all industries and geographies. In addition, we have developed Byonic.ai, an end-to-end technology architecture designed for our clients and our team to seamlessly deliver our generated leads effectively and efficiently. The platform also has built in artificial intelligent machine learning to deliver results with intent scoring and quality assessment.

Bython Media’s purpose is to provide companies with actionable demand (leads) to enable them to build relationships with highly qualified prospects and accelerate their sales pipeline. We do this using proven, best-in-class, full-funnel marketing, content, and publishing solutions. Our traditional lead generation services are bolstered by media service, content development and custom marketing solutions developed for our clients’ unique needs. We believe the right use of data, technology, media, and marketing at the right time has a strong potential to build and improve quality client relationships and ensure high engagement that converts. To learn more, contact us now.


Chris Leger


Sid Chopra
Vice President, Sales


Snehhil Gupta
Chief Technology Officer


Poonam Gulati
Vice President –
Finance and Planning


Alok Shah
Associate Vice President
Global Finance

Matt McDowell_VP of Client Success and Media Operation_Bython Media

Matt McDowell
VP of Client Success and Media Operations

Neil Parker_Sr. Director of Product Marketing_Bython Media

Neil Parker
Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Moeez Shaikh_Global Associate Director of Operations_Bython Media

Jasmeet Sawhney
Associate Vice President – Global Operations and Delivery

Anurag Donge_Associate Director of Sales Operations_Bython Media

Anurag Donge
Associate Director of
Sales Operations

Tom Buckley_Senior Sales Director_Bython Media

Tom Buckley
Senior Sales Director

Ray Deffry_Associate Director-Sales_Bython Media

Ray Deffry
Associate Director, Sales

Chaitali Bhattacharya_Global Senior Director of Human Resources_Bython Media

Chaitali Bhattacharya
Global Senior Director
of Human Resources

Ana Pola Robles Aguirre_HR Manager, Mexico Office_Bython Media

Ana Pola
Robles Aguirre

HR Manager, Mexico Office

Benjamin Vazquez Sosa_Team Leader Operations, Mexico Office_Bython Media

Benjamin Vazquez Sosa
Team Leader Operations,
Mexico Office

Shubby Shahani_Associate Director of Client Services_Bython Media

Shubby Shahani
Associate Director of Client Services

Kathryn Marie Willis_Client Service Manager_Bython Media

Kathryn Marie Willis
Client Service Manager

Ana Amano_Creative Team Manager_Bython Media

Ana Amano
Creative Team Manager

Oliver Santiago_Sound Engineer_Bython Media

Oliver Santiago
Sound Engineer

Ian Edwards_Software Engineer_Bython Media

Ian Edwards
Software Engineer