Tips for Better Performance in Email Marketing

Even with the rise and growth of social media, email marketing is still an extraordinarily important factor in successful marketing.

A huge argument for email marketing is the fact that your list belongs to you. The subscribers you grow are yours, not Facebook’s or Instagram’s, meaning that no one else is in charge of your list and it cannot be taken from you. As such, email marketers should continue to focus a large amount of effort on growing and maintaining their email list.

Continue reading for 7 tips to better email marketing performance that goes beyond the average set up.

1. Optimize Your Email Campaigns for Mobile Viewing

It is well known that most people browse the Internet and read emails on their phones, so it is surprising to find that many marketers overlook this fact when sending out email campaigns. A mobile platform is much different than that of a laptop or desktop. Therefore, emails need to be able to translate when they are opened on a mobile device. Most email marketing services give you the option to view what your email will look like on different devices. Make use of that to ensure your mobile readers are getting a good viewing experience.

2. Make the Sender and Recipient Lines More Personal

Generic emails are common and easy to blow off without a second thought. If you have not put any thought into your email, why should your subscribers? You may have read that adding the recipient’s name to the email makes it feel more personal. That is true and it should definitely be a part of your email marketing strategy. Take it one step farther though and add your name to the sender line. For instance, instead of the sender line saying “ABC Company”, you would put something such as “Mark @ ABC Company”. The company name is still there so there is no confusing where it came from, but there is also a live person’s name, making it more personal.

3. Liven Up the Subject Line

We live in a time that a professional does not have to mean stale or boring. People are constantly stimulated, so if you do not fit in, you will not get attention. Try changing up the wording of your emails. Use power words or words that create urgency. Words as simple as “go,” “daily,” “summer,” and “giveaway” can have positive effects on email open rates. Also, be playful. Add emojis into your subject line to gain attention. Campaign Monitor reports that businesses that use emojis have a 56% increase in open rates. Unsure if your audience would appreciate emojis? Find out for sure by A/B testing with them as well as different wording.

4. Make the Reader Curious

Have you ever seen a subject line in your inbox that says something like, “The quickest way to lose weight isn’t what you think,” or something similar? If you or someone you know is trying to lose weight, you probably clicked on the email. This is an incredibly smart action on part of the email marketing team because the only way you can learn what they are talking about is by clicking open the email, and curiosity is a very strong force.

5. Put the Reader First

Once the email has been opened, you want your reader to keep it open. To keep their attention, do not immediately jump into what you have to offer. Talk first about them, then about a product or service that can change their problem or ease their pain point. Point out the benefits before the feature.

6. Short Sections

Most people do not read through an entire email the first time they look at it. They will generally decide in seconds whether the will read it or trash it. If your email is one long letter, they likely will not keep it. Setting up your email with short sections in which the main points can be easily determined can help keep the reader interested.

7. Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

As much as it goes against your urge to grow your list, readers need to see that they can easily unsubscribe from that list at any time. If they cannot, they will likely just send you to spam anyway. Give them an easy exit. If they know they have one, they just might stay a little longer.

Your company’s email marketing performance is in direct connection to your success. Companies that use email marketing in their marketing strategies are able to reach many more people and increase sales. With large numbers of companies putting email marketing to work, going beyond the basic email marketing steps can make a huge difference. Use the steps above to make your emails stand out in the crowd.

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