At times, no matter how hard we work, our efforts seem wasted because our brand awareness is not where we need it to be.

Do you have as many visits to your website each month as you desire?

If you are not achieving your business goals, it may be due to problems with brand awareness. Read below for seven common problems and solutions for Demand Generation for improved brand awareness.

Zero brand awareness can kill a business before it even gets started. If no one knows you exist, no one will come to you for your product or service. If this is a problem for your company, the solution is simple to make people aware. One of the best ways to do that is through social media. Make sure you have accounts set up on at least a few platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be active on these profiles and post often.

Low Rankings in Search Results

If you are not showing up anywhere near the first page of the search results, you should spend some time and effort fixing the SEO on your website. Many factors can affect SEO rankings, such as keywords, titles, meta descriptions, image text, and more. If these parts of your site are not SEO friendly, you will miss out on tons of website visits. Fortunately, some great SEO tools can help in fixing this problem. SEOmator and SEOptimer are only two of the available SEO auditing tools. Put these to work for you to pinpoint more quickly and easily what is hurting your SEO.

Not Getting Content in Front of People

You have a website full of blog posts and information that no one is seeing. All the time and energy you put into building your site seems wasted, and you are discouraged. Do not throw in the towel yet. There is still hope. It is first essential to understand that merely filling a website with content is not going to make people aware of you. They have to see it, meaning that there is more work to be done. Make sure that your SEO ranking is high so that you will show up in results; double check that your content is actually speaking to your target audience, and then share on social media platforms.

A Non-Engaged Audience

Sometimes we can get attention but have trouble holding it. Our audience may be seeing us but not be interested. An issue like this one can be fixed relatively easily by using interactive content. Host contests for your audience, give something away to them, share an infographic, or post a fun quiz or survey. Share something that requires their participation. For example, ask them to download an item or form-fill to see a video, and watch your engagement increase quickly.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

One problem marketers face is targeting the wrong audience. By checking analytics, a company can see who they are reaching. If it is not the target audience, it is time to reconsider your branding and marketing strategy. Is there something in one of these areas that can be turning away the target audience? Perhaps the wording or even the offering? Research that audience again to discover its likes, dislikes and pain points to ensure that your branding and marketing are lining up with those factors.

Limited Awareness

If you are not getting the amount of recognition and sales that you are aiming for, there may be only a small amount of people aware of you. If this is the case, it is time to increase your marketing efforts. First, be sure that you are consistently posting on social media. Invest in targeted ads to get seen and be sure that those ads are attention-grabbing and relevant to your targeted audience. Another way to increase awareness is by linking with social influencers to help market your product or service. These influencers are people with large followings, and people trust them. Influencer campaigns can completely change your success rate.

Inaccurate Brand Perception

What happens when you get your ads and content in front of people, but they do not fully understand what you are or what you do? Well, they most likely will not remember you when they need what you offer because they do not know you offer it.

Recently, Aflac released a commercial showing that most people misunderstood what exactly Aflac is. It is a fairly common problem. So how can you fix it?

The bottom line is that you have to be extremely clear about your offerings. Keep your explanations simple and straight to the point so that there is no confusion at all. Understand that though all the information is clear to you, you are familiar with it. It is new to others, so you have to brand and market as if they have never heard of it before.

Brand awareness is a vital part of business success. If people do not know you exist or understand what you offer, your best marketing efforts will not convert into sales. Without sales, your company cannot survive. If you would like to learn ways to strategize and market your business, contact Bython Media today.

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