These 6 Strategies for ToFu, MoFu, BoFu showcases the need for processes in place during the funnel experience for your leads is critical for keeping a strong, on-going demand generation pipeline.

It is equally important to make sure throughout the entire funnel process that you are providing solutions to customers’ pain points and that value propositions properly align with their needs at every stage.

6 Strategies for ToFu, MoFu, BoFu

Strategies for ToFu

ToFu- (not to be confused with blocks of food that contain soy) it stands for Top of Funnel.

This is the awareness and lead gathering stage. This stage of the funnel is where you want to initially catch the attention of your target audience and gather their information. Interactive quizzes- Everyone wants to know what type of pizza they are, right? Regardless of the type of quiz you present, quizzes are widely shared which will help generate leads.

1. Videos Highlighting Service
This is another approach to help your audience put a human face to your brand as well as keep customers on your page longer. Short 60 second or less videos have been king for many years now, when it comes to engagement and user interaction there is no better way to engage a potential client.

2. Social media – Posts, tweets, stories and consider boosting / paying some of these targeting your desired industry, demographics, etc. This is where you will need to determine which platform your customers will most likely use. Social media will give you the ability to engage and connect with your customers wherever they are. This does go hand-in-hand with creating videos, but this is also an opportunity to engage, ask open-ended questions and truly connect with potential clients.

MoFu – Middle of Funnel
Lead Engagement – This stage of the funnel is where your leads or customers are doing their research and pondering their options. This is the time to provide solution focused content. Depending on your business or service these tactics will vary. If your business provides a product this is where customer reviews or product reviews are a huge deciding factor for potential customers. Expert level content creates solutions for your customers as well as builds trust for your company. In depth guides or expert level training content are some examples of providing solutions for customers in this stage of the funnel, ultimately helping them decide on your company in the future.

3. White Papers – This is a great opportunity to showcase that you’re a thought leader in a given space focusing on something that you not only do really well, but how you offer this service or product at an elevated level over your competitors.

4. Case Studies – Offering potential customers case studies that highlight past and current success for your current clientele is a great to help potential customers make an easier decision and qualify your company as a source that is not only providing the service or product they need, but also lends to thoughts of longevity, customer service and their own growth.

BoFu – Bottom of Funnel
Addressing Pain Points. Now is the time to make sure you are listening to your customers and covering the logistics behind onboarding, as well as addressing the expectations behind buying your product. After careful consideration this is when the customer is ready to make a decision. This is the time to have high value content as well as address concerns to ensure your business is their choice.

5. Incentives and Offers – A lot of time buyers and customers truly have a budget or just price conscious. If your lead is on the fence, whether you are or not aware offering up a professional email that has an additional incentive to buy, this is a great way to get some buyers moving. Make sure you are not giving an incentive that devalues your business, service or product, but truly designed to create a long lasting client.

6. Asking For Their Business – This typically is where great sales representatives are needed and can help your business thrive. This is where your company is going to carefully speak to the customer’s pain points and introduce your (UPS) Unique Selling Position and then ask for the sale. There is nothing more critical than letting your prospects know that you are ready to take on their business, that you have the ability to handle their issues and you would like to close the deal.

For additional information on ToFu, MoFu, BoFu here is a great article on Critical Reports for the Sales Process throughout the process.

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