Benefits for Including Social Media in Your Content Marketing Strategy

As you know, one of the core solutions Bython offers is content marketing. We work with B2B companies to create and tailor very personalized messaging focused on their specific target audiences.

We pinpoint where their audience dwells and use our content syndication networks to spread their message across the digital universe. One of their potential customers’ favorite dwelling places is social media. Whether for business or pleasure, their prospects spend hours a day on all the major platforms. There are many benefits for including social media in your content marketing strategy.

According to recent stats, LinkedIn has 500 million members, 2.2 billion users log into Facebook every month, and 335 million active users are sending and/or reading tweets worldwide.

All those potential customers waiting to hear about companies’ products. Yours too.

That’s why social media is the perfect place to share your content marketing messages.

Not enough reason? Then here are five more.

1. It’s very cost-effective

Social media has been proven to be a very cost-efficient digital marketing strategy. Creating company profiles and posting updates on a regular schedule costs nothing. Paid campaigns can be designed to fit most marketing budgets, even on LinkedIn.

When compared to the overall potential impressions and return on investment, most marketing channels can’t compare to social media.

2. Improves lead and demand generation

47% of the marketers who responded to a recent survey believe that social media marketing is the most effective method for generating demand and nurturing leads. Why? Because, as stated above, that’s where they can find a huge portion of their desired customers.

Posting relevant messages and running paid campaigns are generating massive leads and demand daily. Social Media Examiner reported that around 66% of marketers felt they have improved lead generation through focusing just six hours a week on social media.

3. Increases brand awareness and authority

Frequency is key to B2B marketing. The more you spread your message through social media, the more B2B professionals take notice. They become aware of who you are, what you offer, and how you can help them.

When your content and solutions are focused on their needs, you begin to build credibility and trust. It also inspires them to share with others, which spreads your reputation for being a brand authority even farther.

4. Generates higher inbound traffic and conversion rates

Each carefully-crafted message you post and every campaign you launch is another potential connection with B2B customers that could send them to your website.

Not only does this increase traffic, it also improves chances of conversion. Hubspot revealed that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

5. Builds better customer satisfaction and loyalty

Since social media is designed for networking, having a presence on major platforms helps your company connect with existing and potential B2B customers. Answering their questions and concerns shows you care about them and their issues.

You show you are there to help, which is the heart of content marketing. It’s also an opportunity to build stronger relationships, trust, and lasting brand loyalty.

Time for some social interaction

According to Social Media Examiner, about 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing. You should be too.

Contact us. We can partner with you to build and maintain a cost-effective strategy and personalized content that can help you realize all the benefits listed above.

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