Multiple strategies can be used when it comes to Account Based Marketing. We are highlighting the top 5 ways to target companies and begin a tactical approach that has a great chance for conversions.

These 5 Account Based Marketing strategies give any business the ability to handle in-house marketing, however we recommend using a trusted partner through some of these steps.

Email Marketing Awareness

Once you have obtained your leads you can now begin a targeted email campaign. This is where you will showcase the ways your business can fulfill your customers needs. Focusing on awareness, possible challenges and how your product or service can help overcome their needs. Creating a timely, automated nurture series campaign can have a strong impact on your pipeline.

Webinar – Roundtables – Demo Invites

Webinars provide your business the opportunity to engage with your audience, giving quality information, by facilitating discussions.
Roundtables give the opportunity to have your company’s executive speak at a high level, on services and industry. During this time you are able to answer multiple questions and also provide a greater insight as to your customers needs.
Demo Invites are a great tool used to highlight your business, through video and slides, for a deeper understanding of your product and / or service. During this time you can uncover pain points and speak directly to the solutions you have to offer.

Display Advertising

Driving branding efforts and awareness, display advertising has the ability to get your name in front of your targeted account. Driven by visuals this popular advertising strategy is aimed to attract attention and create brand awareness. You can spot display advertising in banners, videos and text. When optimized properly and targeted to your preferred audience display advertising will get you clicks, conversions and sales.

Trade Shows

Trade show marketing is not only an effective way to reach your target audience in mass quantities, but it is also an affordable way to introduce your brand or service to an audience in a single location. Taking on a more personal experience, trade shows allow your business to reach a number of potential clients without having to seek them out one by one.

Making The Call

They have seen your information in their inbox and possibly have already taken action.
You have proven you’re a thought leader introducing a webinar, roundtable or demo, all of which they may have possibly attended.
Through your display advertising tactics, your logo and messaging are fresh in your target’s mind…
The stage is now set, you have met with your targeted account at your Trade Show.
Make The Call and introduce yourself, your company and solutions.

These 5 Account Based Marketing strategies are just a start and need to be well thought out at each stage and set up correctly for the best possible outcomes. Bython invites you to connect with us and let us help create a strong ABM campaign. We look forward to helping your business grow through these strategies.

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