Here at Bython Media we deal in all things “data” when it comes to lead generation and we use this data by looking at past metrics for user engagement, intent and platform or channel strategies to improve the quality of leads coming in as well as increased volumes.

4 Pro Tips to Increase and Improve your Marketing Leads

Most businesses have terms designated for the status of a lead, such as MQL and SQL to highlight it within their pipeline or funnel. There are many reasons within a business’s playbook on why a lead status may change. These typically are due to an action or inaction occurring that will take the lead from one status to another. We believe the best way to improve your leads and keep their “status” moving forward is through strong data analysis and finding strengths and weaknesses within your playbook, assets being delivered and the engagement or lack thereof within each step of your playbook.

Here are 4 Pro tips that we would like to share that can help your business increase and improve your marketing leads.

A/B Testing is at the top of our list for increased and improved marketing leads

Running tests against everything you believe to be correct is the quickest way to really understand user engagement. Your messaging, imagery, videos, layouts and even font and color choices should all be scrutinized in an A/B environment. All too often businesses have very talented writers, graphic designers and supporting staff creating what seems to be awesome assets. However, without A/B testing there is no way to tell if there is improvement for user engagement.

Adding Automation and Triggers to Your Playbook

Depending on what CRM and / or Email communication platform you are using you may be limited on these types of functionalities. CRMs like Hubspot and Email platforms like Mailchimp have many options with the ability to create robust workflows and triggers are at your fingertips. Many businesses have a thousand things going on at any given time and one stress filled day, can lead to customer communications slipping through the cracks. Automation and Triggers solve these issues of setting reminders and tasks that have to be performed manually. Moving leads through your funnel with automation allows for a more efficient management pipeline and quickly can show lead values, engagement and strength or propensity for a lead to close. The data that comes through automation workflows will take a lot of the guesswork out for both your marketing and sales teams. We strongly recommend adding this to your playbook or reach out to us for setup, guidance and management.

Strategic Demand Generation / Brand Placement

The idea behind Demand Generation and overall brand awareness is the goal of every business, regardless of how that goal is defined it is at the forefront of every marketing strategy. Our recommendation is to make sure you are strategic and that within your strategies you are creating trackable metrics, that you are creating a data stream in all that you do.

A business or agency has the obvious or common data at their fingertips or should… Tracking metrics on your website, social and ppc spends is a great way to start developing your demand generation strategies. How you are delivering your messaging should be put under scrutiny as per our 1st suggestion of A/B testing.

After you have had a chance to really define your messaging through A/B testing, it is time to step outside of your comfort zone and look at third parties like Bython to start reaching leads outside of your controlled platforms. Outsourced demand generation with 3rd party publishers can create the boost you may need for your pipeline, leveraging their audience and resources for increased leads into your funnel.

Interactive Asset Creation / Increasing Engagement

Bython Media specializes in creating leads through engagement, with the top lead producing assets coming from interactive content syndication. Honestly, every business is offering text, imagery and video to try and engage and inform their audiences…it is expected. If you introduce Interactive Assets, it breaks from the norm and now gives the user control over their own experience and how they decide to digest the information you’re providing. Bython offers Interactive Content solutions for our clients, while integrating lead creation by offering assets such as; Case Studies, White Papers and Ebooks for the targeted lead to download. These types of interactions are great for creating trackable data, longer user engagement and tend to lend for providing a solution or direction for their need(s).

Putting the data first and extracting meaningful call-to-actions from it should be at the top of every business and agency’s playbook. We all understand there are many techniques, channels and tools in every business’s playbook, our advice is to make data collection part of every step.

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